The Know Share Cinematic New Music Video for “Used to Be”

The Know is husband and wife twosome Jennifer Farmer and Daniel Knowles. The duo have shared their first new music in over two years with their track “Used to Be” which has also been released alongside an intriguing music video.

“Used to Be” details the difficulties in long term romantic relationships. From the highs and lows and the happy times to times of conflict, “Used to Be” is a song all about the complex nature of relationships. Knowles confides,“then of course the pandemic hit, people all around us were having their relationships tested in lockdown with significant others, some relationships came out stronger, some didn’t survive. And on a more universal scale lots of people worldwide were dealing with a loss of normality, loss of connection with other people, suddenly not being able to do simple things like buy groceries, things we’d all taken for granted.” “Used to Be” features layered spaced out rock guitars and gorgeous ambient vocals singing cascading melodies for an intoxicating affair.

The enthralling music video was directed and created by Jennifer Farmer and was inspired by popular films Marriage Story and Blue Valentine. The video shows the story of a troubled relationship with a blow up at the end.

“Used to Be” is the first single off of The Know’s upcoming EP, set for release next year. Inspired by the likes of Beach House, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The National, The Know are making their own mark on the indie music scene.

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Written by LeahBlack

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