The latest news about artist Fred Bugs

Fred Bugs is the pseudonym of Federico Cabras, an Italian abstract artist who became famous after participating in the international exhibition in Venice in 2021.

Since then, the artist has traveled to Europe and America, expanding his artistic horizons. The MoMA Museum in New York organized one of the first exhibits entirely dedicated to contemporary figurative art in June 2022 in which Fred Bugs appeared as a guest along with other notable artists. 

By participating in this program, he met many new artists and art curators and developed and solidified his artistic concept that figurative art must stand out, it must be a protagonist, it must not follow trends, and it must convey a positive message of character and recognizability to the viewer. 

Often going against the tide… art must have its own opinion, its own voice regarding the radical changes that society is experiencing, founded primarily on technology and its addictions, passing through the role of art and the artist that today is ridiculed and rendered completely useless, non-existent, without a voice.

Soon he will open a YouTube channel where he will talk about art and make video reactions, spreading figurative art to as many people as possible.

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Written by TedFuel