The MDz Unleashes his Magnetic New Album Multi Dimensionz

In life we all have hurdles we must overcome. It is through that struggle we find our strength and grow into the people we are meant to be. Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist The MDz conveys the passion and persistence that comes from battling obstacles with his powerful 10-track release Multi Dimensionz. He touches on themes of mental health and surmounting hardship, all with a smooth, charismatic rap flow.

Opening with “Corpse Bride” this hard-hitting tune comes at you with full force. The hypnotic beats and bold vocals make this piece that ideal opener, packing a fierce punch. Then there’s “Johnny Cage” featuring acclaimed Jamaican talent Rudolph Francis. The offering brilliantly fuses reggae, trap and synth exploding into a commanding collision of sonics. “Love Life” is another standout song soaked with soulful R&B. The MDz teams up with beat producer NEW NGHBOR for a rhythmic work surging with swagger. It is all about healing after your heart has been shattered and his emotive delivery is riveting and raw.

The MDz (short for Multi Dimensionz) does it all. He is cementing his stamp on the rap scene as a recording artist, producer and engineer. His expressive lyrics paired with gripping melodies allow his music to shine. He lives by a profound motto “Through Music, I Live Forever” and his songs are ones that are definitely lasting.

Listen to Multi Dimensionz here and tweet @celebmix your favorite track!

Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast