The Surprising Second Heat of “A Dal 2019”

Last week, Hungary’s national selection for Eurovision Song Contest “A Dal 2019” kicked off with a fantastic show, and we could see more familiar faces.

For tonight’s second heat, we expected a big bang, and we can state that from the beginning to the end of the show, we couldn’t do anything, just stare at the TV and let the artists enchant us.

The show began with Dávid Heatlie and “La Mama Hotel”. Dávid had no choice – he had to follow in the footsteps of his parents, namely both his mother and father is a musician. We could feel his energy and power through this song, which is about a social problem: moving and leaving everything behind. “The young generation is insecure most of the time, and don’t know what they should do in such a situation.”

Then we saw a familiar face on the stage: András Kállay-Saunders represented Hungary in 2014 with his hit “Running”, and he also competed in “A Dal” several times. He said this show is already his second home. Now, he was joined by Farshad Alebatool , and together they call themselves The Middletonz. Their song “Roses” has a beautiful message: it’s worth fighting for the most beautiful things, and we should never give up. “It always feels good if we can give you feelings through our songs.”

“Jazz fans, attention!” said Bogi, one of the presenters, when Klára Hajdu stepped on the stage with a self-written song, that tells us if we are persistent we can even reach the sky. According to the singer, “You’re Gonna Rise” is a positive song, and she believes the music helps the people the most every day. So yes, we were waiting for a fabulous jazz song, which lets us fly high, however, the performance didn’t convince us, not even the jury…

Do you know what can happen in just one minute? It’s enough for so many things, including falling in love. Gotthy proves in a 3-minute song “Csak egy perc” (Just One Minute) that it’s possible. He was brave enough to speak up about a personal experience, and feel that catharsis once again. It’s absolutely not so easy bringing our true feelings to the stage, but the audience felt that honesty Gotthy sang with, even if the jury didn’t. Unfortunately, he got the least points, and couldn’t advance to the semi-finals.

Acoustic Planet brought a fresh song to the stage, that we still really enjoy listening to, and “Nyári zápor” (Summer rain) also gives us those goosebumps that we can feel when a raindrop touches our skin. The band will have another chance to wash away our bad feelings, namely, we will see them in the next round, too.

Last year, Hungary was represented by AWS, and again, we have a talented and successful rock band competing in “A Dal”. Fatal Error advanced to the semi-finals with the most points tonight, burning down the stage with “Kulcs” (Key). Their song is about their lead singer’s engagement: he locked his love’s heart, the fiancee is his, and there’s nobody who can get into her heart, which he also states in the lyrics. “Lezártam a szívedet, nem jöhet be idegen, ezután nem lehetsz másé.” We still wonder if it would be a good idea to send a rock band to Eurovision again.

Many people are afraid of the unknown, and can’t move on with their life. This is what Bence Vavra‘s song “Szótlanság” (Wordlessness) is about. The singer started his career in a boyband called ByTheWay, and they were the most successful band in the history of the Hungarian X-Factor for years. Now Bence stood on the stage alone, bringing all his energy into this pure, wonderful song, and proved he’s got all that it takes to be in the semi-finals.

“I haven’t stood on a stage before, so it’s a dream come true.” – said Diana in a short video before her performance. Indeed, being in “A Dal” is a huge thing, so even the greatest stars would be a little bit nervous standing there, and singing in front of the whole country. Perhaps this was the reason why she couldn’t make it, and her insecurity spoiled her big moment. “Little Bird” though, has an important message: we should open our hearts, love and accept each other, which is only possible if we love and accept ourselves first.

Dare to love! – The Sign seemed to be angels came from heaven in their pure white dress and their message which is the basis of human life. “We want to love and to be loved” The young boys impressed the audience and the jury with “O”.

We kept telling you that “A Dal 2019” is about comebacks. Now, you see we were right? Last year’s finalist downtempo and drum and bass duo YesYes returned as the final act tonight with their imperfectly perfect “Incomplete”. The song is about missing a puzzle, which is different in everyone’s life. Whether it’s love, career or something else, we should know that we will find that piece eventually, and they said if we find it, then the song will be renamed “Complete”, haha! These two guys brought huge energy to the stage, which is usual, so we weren’t surprised when it was announced that they were the sixth act to advance to the semi-finals.

Woah, that was a massive show, but we should not forget there will be a third heat of “A Dal 2019” next Saturday before the semi-finals, so we can still expect some more surprises. We’re excited, how about you?

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

I'm Alexandra from Hungary, now living in the UK, and writing is not just my hobby - it's my passion. I'm a writer/journalist addicted to music, travelling, football, movies & books, proudly supporting Derby County Football Club.
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