The Tax Deed Wolf, aka Joseph Griffin, is a well-known real estate investor specializing in educating people on finding investments in the market


Tax deeds are complex legal documents that only a few professionals in the real estate speciality are familiar with. You don’t need a large sum of money lying around to start real estate investing, says Joseph Griffin, the Tax Deed Wolf, an Army veteran and entrepreneur. He teaches that you can achieve significant property victories for as little as $3,000. 

A Biography of Joseph Griffin

Joseph Griffin is the author of Tax Deed Investing and the Tax Deed Wolf Academy founder, which teaches people how to invest in tax deed property. As an 11-year veteran of the Army, Joseph has a diverse range of experiences to draw on, including two deployments, a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and the ability to aid people in reestablishing or rebuilding their credit. Having found success in real estate through tax deed auctions, Joseph is now donating his time and talents to the community and sharing his knowledge and expertise. “Service before self” is his mantra, and he lives by it.

Tax Deed Wolf Academy’s Foundation:

Joseph’s preferred strategy for creating consistent income and avoiding costly blunders is real estate investing. The limits placed on property ownership in this country are unusually severe. Property taxes are an unavoidable expense for anyone who owns a residence. It must be completed within two years, or the government will seize the property and sell it at auction. Joseph can acquire properties for a fraction of their true value with tax deed auctions and resell them at a discount.

To put his many talents to good use, Joseph has decided to assist others in realizing their dreams of owning a home. As a result of this experience, he established The Tax Deed Wolf Academy. Property investors and other interested parties can learn how to purchase property through tax deed auctions from this online school, physically located in Florida.

Using a Tax Deed, a legally enforceable document, the county can transfer ownership to someone else. It is possible to buy the land and pay back taxes that have not been paid. The buyer obtains the property once it has been sold at auction. As they are often known, deed sales are frequently held at auctions. Tax deed sales are auctioned off at a lower prices lower than 60 percent of fair market value, which makes tax deed investing a win-win. On their website, you can learn more about Tax Deed Sales. For tax deeds and other real estate advice, you can reach Joseph Griffin, aka taxdeedwolf on his website Instagram profile.

Investor Joseph Griffin, called the Tax Deed Wolf, offers advice on how to invest in real estate:

With a reputation for buying many properties at inexpensive prices in a short period, he has built his fortune. During his real estate binge, Joseph purchased three residences in under 30 days using less than $5,000. He then sold each of the 3 properties the following few  months for $10,000, $18,500, and $250,000, earning him national attention. Meanwhile, while the state is trying to recover unpaid property taxes, Joseph Griffin has used his industry knowledge to identify properties that will be auctioned off at a low price after being deeded from the county.

As a result of Joseph’s specialized knowledge and experience in the real estate industry, he has little or no competition in his field of business. Consequently, he stands out from the crowd of his contemporaries in the real estate profession. At Griffin’s taxdeedwolf academy, other real estate investors and agents learned about the tax-deferred exchange technique.

To allow anyone to participate in some of the same ventures traditionally reserved for rich “accredited investors,” Joseph Griffin established WolfPack Capital LLC.

For Joseph, one of the most fulfilling aspects of his employment is supporting others in realizing their own goals and dreams of happiness. A lot of effort has gone into achieving financial stability and the freedom to devote his time and energy only to the operation of his businesses while remaining present for his family. He hopes that others will be given the same opportunity he has been given.

Real estate and property investments aren’t exclusively for the rich and famous. Through his methods, Joseph can assist others in entering the market, growing their portfolios, and achieving their definition of success through low-cost investments. It’s significantly less than the substantial real estate speculation you would believe!

Due to his quick eyes and accurate sense of intuition in detecting and searching outbuildings with pending tax payments and purchasing them for a low price, Joseph Griffin has acquired the moniker “the tax deed wolf.” You can learn more about the Tax Deed Wolf Academy on their website. Joseph Griffin can be reached at his contact email for tax deeds and other real estate advice.

A tax deed is a legally binding document that transfers property ownership to a government entity or individual. This deed allows a government agency to sell the property to recoup unpaid taxes. After it has been sold at an auction, the property is transferred to the buyer. As they are known, deed sales are held at auctions regularly. Tax deeds are negotiated and sold to the highest bidder for the least amount of unpaid taxes, including interest and auction fees.

Griffin teaches real estate investors how to take advantage of the market to make a consistent income. Anyone can become a real estate investor without being a realtor. The Tax Deed Wolf Academy will lead you through the steps of buying a home with limited cash and resources. Investors frequently admire Joseph Griffin’s strategy, and some believe it is impossible. You target those who do not pay their landholdings tax on time to be able to buy buildings at a low cost. When someone fails to pay their property taxes on time, the property is auctioned off cheaply. That’s where the Tax Deed Wolf Academy comes in.


When handled properly, property investments and real estate aren’t just for the wealthy, as Joseph Griffin has demonstrated. Joseph uses his low-cost investment ideas to help people get into the market, build their portfolios, and achieve their version of success. It’s much less than these big real estate investors would have you believe!


Written by Digital Nod