The Walking Dead’s Season 7 Trailer Left us Breathless

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, chances are you’ve been holding your breath since the Season 6 finale and playing out every possible scenario in your head of who, in the group of characters we’ve grown to love, felt Negan’s wrath.  We’ve seen character deaths play out on the series that made us sob uncontrollably and confrontations that made our skin absolutely crawl but nothing at all could have prepared us for the jaw-dropping, heart-wrenching scene where Negan and Lucille were introduced.

Rumors spread almost immediately about which character we’d be mourning upon Season 7’s return.  Some thought Glenn, others were sure it was Abraham, and while any cast member is going to be impossible to say goodbye to, Daryl was a name that hurt too much to even consider.  It seemed that Carl was the only one truly safe because of some end of the episode dialogue and when asked, cast members revealed even they had no clue who died at the hands of Negan but they all recorded a scene to be prepared.

While the trailer obviously gives nothing away (unless you pay close attention) as to who lives or dies, you do get a look into how absolutely different, incredible, and terrifying season 7 of The Walking Dead is going to be – and we only saw three minutes worth of footage.

The trailer starts out with a flood of emotional memories, likely the last thoughts of each character as they contemplate their lives and try to remember the sweetest parts – there are tear-jerking moments as Negan narrates with his fear-inducing voice.  You see Lucille, dripping in blood, solidifying that someone we love indeed dies and Negan is taking no mercy.

You see Daryl’s motorcycle (we’re just counting on this meaning – he lives), Jesus and a few familiar faces fighting zombies, realizing that hindsight is 20/20 and understanding that the world they know is no more.  You’re introduced to The Kingdom, King Ezekiel, and a tiger – yes, there’s a tiger while trying to figure out how our beloved, strong-willed characters will mesh with the tight rules and almost god-like worship of both Negan and Ezekiel.

Here’s hoping there’s only one tragic death in season 7.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.