The X Factor’s Tamera Foster Drops Debut Single & Music Video “Romeo” Six Years Since Coming Fifth

Six years is a long time to hone in on one’s craft and improve on vocal ability as well as oneself, and that’s exactly what Tamera Foster has done – who now goes mononymously as Tamera – with this debut single “Romeo”.

Tamera Foster is best known for being on the tenth series of The X Factor. She initially auditioned as a duo named Silver Rock, with Jerrie Bafundila who is also known as Jerrie Dila, but the judges saw potential in both of them as solo acts and they made it through to the stage auditions as solo artists. Jerrie Dila failed to make it through to Bootcamp, but Tamera sailed all the way through to the live shows and ultimately came in at fifth place. Throughout the competition, a lot of viewers were talking about her as she continued to forget the lyrics of the songs she performed. Six years on and she’s ready to forget about the whole competition, putting it completely behind her as she sets out on her music career, under just her first name. We’re so ready to follow her every step.

According to Spotify, the song has been written by Parker Ighile and Tamera Cuthbert whilst YouTube confirms the former acted as the producer of the track. YouTube continues to state that the track was mixed by Dan Parry and mastered by Joe Laporta. As for the music video, it has been directed by India Rose whilst Saffron Guiness acted as producer. The song isn’t something we were expecting from Tamera, but it certainly is a grower of a track and it’s brilliant to see her release a track that she actually wants to release.

Watch Tamera’s Music Video For Her Debut Single “Romeo” Here:

Any fans of her time on The X Factor will be in for a shock as not only are those performances not in line with this song’s genre and style, but also Tamera has a whole new look to which, some may say, she’s unrecognisable from her time on the talent show – truly putting it behind her. “Romeo” has a laid-back, jazz feel to it as the track starts whilst Tamera kicks in with an indie R&B vibe and as the song progresses there are hints of soul throughout. As for her vocals, they are completely on point, impressing us to no end. Lyrically, the song is about love and how much her partner means to her.

As for the music video, it’s a basic visual which sees Tamera dressed as a martian, including a glass bubblegum-like space helmet. The concept is galaxy themed and Tamera really pulls it off.

“Romeo” is available to download and stream right now, via Moonshyne Music Limited. We cannot wait to see what she releases next. She has commented on her Instagram posts, stating that an upbeat track is on its way – we are so excited to hear it.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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