TheMansCast podcast on YouTube gives away billionaire secrets on how to have ambition 24/7. Hosted by Erik Petrosyan

Erik Petrosyan, a tycoon in the freight brokerage industry, has decided to start a YouTube channel called @TheMansCast, in which he will cover all the essentials to being a man and achieving greatness. He guarantees you will see a better life, more success with business, physique, mental health, and overall well being just by following him on YouTube and watching the free content he provides.

“It’s important to be to change the world for the better, I think men are headed in the wrong direction. Men have lower testosterone levels than usual nowadays, and its time to change that one video at a time. I will talk about how you should eat, think, and sleep in your everyday life to feel like a man and have the willpower to do anything you want in life. Life is limitless, you just saw to unlock it in your mind.” Erik Petrosyan guarantees success in all areas of your life.

Starting a freight brokerage called EPB Logistics Inc and growing it from the ground into a multi-million dollar company, has taught Erik Petrosyan everything there is to know about entrepreneurship, sales and relationships. He is now giving back to the people by providing knowledge and the keys to becoming successful, so pay attention.

Instead of following these celebrities that fill your brain with drama and garbage, you can follow successful entrepreneurs that will benefit your social media usage and push you further on your journey to success. You can follow his personal Instagram for free at @erikpetros and the podcast at @TheMansCast and TheMansCast.

Erik just released a book about entrepreneurship that should be out in all major stores around February 2023. Yes, there is also an audiobook.

Written by Monella