There’s lots going on in pop… let CelebMix update you

A lot is happening right now, we need a music update!

Artists and bands such as Luke Friend, Little Mix and Jacob Whitesides have released tickets to their tours, which fans have gone crazy for! Luke’s tour is taking place at the end of September around the UK, Jacob’s is taking place in Fall time and Little Mix’s is March.

New bands are being welcomed into the big wide world of music, like Hometown, Irish boyband consisting of members Cian Morrin, Dayl Cronin, Dean Gibbons, Josh Gray, Ryan McLoughlin and Brendan Murray, and also The Tide! They toured with The Vamps in the UK and Europe arena tour and everyone found themselves loving them (I sure did)! But as they are welcomed, we’re also saying goodbye to Stereo Kicks. They played their last show in Thorpe Park on the 25th July, as fans said goodbye in tears. I must admit, I’m pretty sad about this too *crying emoji*.

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But we shouldn’t spend all our time crying when The Vamps have told us the second album is 87% finished! They recently teased that the new single will come out about a month and a half before the new album! I don’t think the Vampettes are ready!

But Fifth Harmony are all the talk right now! It was 3 years of them on 27th July and fans trended #3YearsOfFifthHarmony, and on top of that Worth It has jumped 2 places on the Billboard top 100. It went from #14 to #12. Well done girls!

This isn’t to do with music but I just had to talk about vlogger, Jim Chapman’s, new products #JamesAndFriends. He has notebooks, pencil cases, pens and more! At least when your mum takes you out for ‘back to school shopping’ you’ll be able to get stuff you like!

And last but not least we have to wish a happy 20th birthday to Brad Simpson from The Vamps, half way to 40… Now, who’s got the cake?

Written by CelebMix