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Things we’d love to see happen for One Direction’s 10th Anniversary

July 23rd marks the ten anniversary since One Direction became a band. In July 2010 five lads Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan all auditioned for series 7 of the popular TV talent show The X Factor, they all made it through to the Bootcamp stage as solo artists, where it was decided they’d all be great in a band together.

The lads said yes, a decision that would change all their lives and see them become one of the biggest bands on the planet. One Direction became one of the most successful acts to ever grace the X Factor stage, they showed that despite coming third on the show, you didn’ have to win to become a huge success and household name.

The band dominated the charts worldwide for five years releasing, five hugely successful albums. Zayn left the band in March 2015, the band announced they were to go an extended “hiatus” in August of the same year. Each member has gone on to release write and release music as solo artists in completely different genres, each producing music that appeals to every type of music listener and not just fans of the band.

But as the tenth anniversary of the band approaches it’s only natural that fans begin to wonder just what could the band do for their big anniversary? Yes, we know everyone reading this will be thinking reunion tour or something huge like that, but here at CelebMix we’ve taken in to account the current situation we are all facing and going through at the minute worldwide with COVID-19( and the fact Harry, Louis and Niall have all had to reschedule or cancel their own solo tour dates) to come up with five things the band could do that wouldn’t put themselves. fans or their teams at risk.

A live chat

The lads could easily utilise the technology we have available to us to a live chat, where they discuss their five years in the band, chatting about memories they have etc.

An album playback Live Stream

The band listen back to all five albums they released track by track, giving their opinions on them and behind the scenes stories of the writing and recording process for each album.

A photo book

A book full unseen photos from the five years in the band, with quotes from the lads about each photo, as we bet there are tons of unseen photos from them over the years.

The Infinity Music video

The Infinity Music video they were seen and photographed filming but never got released, instead, we got History, which while we love the video and the song we can’t help but feel cheated that we never got to see Infinity video.

Release an EP/album of songs that never made the album

We all know that somewhere gathering dust is a bunch of demos of One Direction singing tracks that never made an album. We think it would be cool to hear some of them, especially from the latter three albums where the lads began to write and arguably release some of the best music in the band’s career.

with gems such as Home, No Control, If I Could Fly and Through The Dark, making into the public domain, we think there is likely some bangers hidden away, that would be great on an album to celebrate the anniversary and something we could stream the heck out of!

Let us know which of these you’d love to see happen or share your own suggestions at @CelebMix!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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