New Music Dropped By Thirty Seconds To Mars Titled “Walk On Water”

Can you believe it’s been four whole years since we’ve had new music from Thirty Seconds To Mars? After such a long wait, you would expect something epic; and, epic is what we have been given. “Walk On Water” proves that Thirty Seconds To Mars still has what it takes to make an impact and a statement on the world.

Presenting the song to their fans, the band dropped the lyric video for the song on their official Vevo channel. It launched up the YouTube trending charts and contains clips of the United States on 4 July 2017.

According to the description: “Over 10,000 people submitted footage of a single day including 92 of our professional crews. They filmed across the country in all fifty states plus Puerto Rico and D.C. and captured a portrait of this country that is absolutely beautiful, challenging and unforgettable.”

The description continues: “A very small selection of that footage you see here. The rest will be part of a documentary film (directed by Jared Leto) that is a companion piece to our brand new album.”

Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars’ Lyric Video To “Walk On Water” Here:

The song is anthemic from start to finish. Upon first listen, the audience is captured by the lyrics as well as the imagery. They are making such an important impact on the world with this track, whilst showcasing the United States in all its glory.

The song has gained many comparisons to Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive”; yet, people love to compare tracks; it happens with most songs. This song by Thirty Seconds To Mars is certainly rhythmically enchanting, one we could totally see becoming extremely popular.

The empowering lyrics with Jared Leto’s calming rock voice really brings a sense of peace suggesting that we should all join forces and stop all this fighting and arguing. With new music from this three-piece band; could they become the dominating rock force in music that they were back in the 00’s?

The video also reveals that a whole new album is on its way, along with a brand new tour, and a film that will relate to it all – we reckon this film is the documentary mentioned in the description. We can’t wait to hear more music from Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, and Tomo Milicevic.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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