This New York Dental Clinic Will Erase The Image You Have In Your Mind

Let’s get it right – nobody enjoys visits to the dentist. In fact, a major part is avoiding even routine visits so much, that they rather risk preventable damage to go unnoticed. All part to the uncomfortable, sterile image we have of dental clinics, that despite modern technology remind of us hospitals.
Envy Smiles Dental Spa is a dental clinic  in Brooklyn, NY, that is giving not only smiles, but also the experience, a complete makeover.

Dr. Marianna Weiner combines the aspects of a spa with a dental clinic providing aesthetic brilliance and oral health, combined with a relaxing experience.  

Dr. Weiner has taken her approach to a new level with about 25 experts working in the luxurious facilities. These employees specialize in spa treatments, reflexology, or dental care. The founder of the spa-clinic specializes on complete smile makeovers, smile design and arch aligns among other procedures. 

A Sanctuary For A Relaxing Experience 

The unique addition of spa elements and reflexology therapy allows any client to feel at ease. Their comfort level elevates and they become more trusting of the experts. It helps in calming their nerves down and overcoming the fears regarding a dental treatment. An aesthetic dental procedure isn’t an exhausting or frightening process anymore.

Envy Smile has become an enjoyable place for clients to come, relax and recharge. This combination of two unique spectrums makes Envy Smiles a premium choice for high-profile clients and celebrities. 

An Emotional Connection For Personal Treatment 

Contrary to the world wide stereotype, Dr. Weiner’s dental spa isn’t a sterile place of cold or stoic energy. It has become a hub for the clients to share their journeys and express emotions. Health is a very personal and holistic part of every individuals life, and deserves to be met with empathy and a genuine amount of interested and attention. Through thorough consultation, an individual treatment plan is laid down, curated by Dr. Marianna Weiner herself. No two treatments are the same for the clients. 

Dr. Weiner also ensures that the clinic receives the best-in-class methods and technologies to ensure pioneering treatment methods and excellence in each result. The list of clients that trust in Weiner speaks for a concept that will re-shape the nature of dental clinics in the future. 

Written by CelebMix