This Week ON1Y released incredible debut track “Airplane Mode”

We have a brand new track from ON1Y and we’ve been playing it all weekend; titled “Airplane Mode”, the single marks the group’s debut release and it sure does excite us for even more new music from these lot.

ON1Y is a Swedish anonymous group from Stockholm, easily reminding us of anonymous Romanian group Carla’s Dreams – although ON1Y is more of an electronic group. Their debut track launches them on to the music scene and we can’t deny how addicting the song is – which is not surprising since the song is about being addicted to your phones.

According to Spotify, the song has been written by Joakim (Vlking) Sandström, Kawar (Kj) Yousef, and Sebastian Michael; whilst the production side of things was handled by Eric Hagman, Joakim (Vlking) Sandström, and Kawar (Kj) Yousef.

Listen To ON1Y’s Debut Single “Airplane Mode” Here:

It has already been proven popular as it has hit Spotify hard with over 94,000 streams in just five days, which is incredible for a debut single. It has a very soulful side to it when it comes to the vocals whereas the production easily correlates with addicting synths and incredible beats. ON1Y isn’t just a normal electronic group, they’re clearly paving a whole new path in music as a whole and we simply love what they’re doing.

It’s beaty and funky as the singer confesses how he wants to spend time with the person he’s singing to, not time with someone who’s more interested in their phone. It makes quite an impact lyrically and certainly makes people think about how much they’re on their phones.

“Airplane Mode” is the debut single from ON1Y and is now available to download and stream, through Cosmos Music.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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