Throwback Thursday: 5SOS Tour Edition!

Finally! We are now a sleep away from hearing and seeing 5SOS live again on their Sounds Live Feels Live Tour!

Don’t we all just miss seeing videos and photographs of the boys performing live on stage and rocking out? Well don’t fret because the long wait is over!

But before 5SOS hit the stage tomorrow, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite moments, shenanigans and many more (including Michael’s hair colors) from their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour last year.

Eight Best ROWYSO Moments…

Our Favourite ROWYSO Posters Made By 5SOS…

Best ROWYSO Fan Projects!

Five Best Fan Posters From A 5SOS Show…

Five Songs We Need To Hear By 5SOS Live…

Top 10 5SOS Snaps!

Five Reasons Why You Need To See 5SOS Live…

Luke Hemmings’ On and Off-Stage Shenanigans!

Michael Clifford’s On and Off-Stage Shenanigans!

Fetus 5SOS Songs We Need To Hear Live (AGAIN)…

Calum Hood’s On and Off-Stage Shenanigans!

Ashton Irwin’s On and Off-Stage Shenanigans!

Ah, the good old times aye?

But as the day drags on, we are getting more excited for what’s to come from 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new tour! The new setlist, new backdrop, new guitar picks, new drum sticks, and more importantly, new memories that we’ll all surely cherish and tell our future grand children.

Any special 5SOS experiences you’d like to share with the rest of us? Tweet us @CelebMix or comment down below!

Written by CelebMix