Throwback Thursday – Alphabeat ‘Fascination’

Here at CelebMix, we love a throwback and this week we are throwing it back to Alphabeat’s hit single from 2008, ‘Fascination’.


Alphabeat were a Danish pop band, who were tearing up the charts back in the late 2000s with their catchy singles, ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘10,000 Nights’. However, we are going to be looking at their most successful single to date, ‘Fascination’.

After scoring a record deal in 2008 with EMI’s Charisma Records UK, Alphabeat re-released their 2006 single, ‘Fascination’ along with a music video for the single. The single was then sent to various pop radio stations in the UK, leading to positive reviews from well-known publications such as NME and Popjustice.

After new found success, ‘Fascination’ became the lead single for the international release of their debut album, ‘This Is Alphabeat’. The single went on to peak at number six in the Official UK Charts. This was an impressive start to what would be, a string of chart-topping singles from the Danish pop group.

You can listen to Alphabeat’s debut album, ‘This Is Alphabeat’ below:


The singles which followed, ‘10,000 Nights’ and ‘Boyfriend’, both charted at number fifteen and sixteen in the Official UK Charts respectively. Their debut album didn’t do too bad in the UK either, debuting in the album charts at number ten. The album was also certified gold by the BPI, surpassing 100,000 units.

You can check out the official video for ‘Boyfriend’ below:


With a successful debut album run, the future was certainly looking bright for Alphabeat, until they were dropped by their current label. It was later revealed that it was their decision to leave Charisma Records, after signing a record deal with Polydor UK.

It was also revealed in the height of their career, they were asked to open for the Spice Girls during their 2007 World Tour, ‘The Return of the Spice Girls’. However, the group turned it down due to the strangeness of suddenly performing in front of a bigger audience.

After signing with Polydor UK, Alphabeat went on to release their anticipated sophomore album, ‘The Beat Is…’ in March 2010. The album debuted at an under-whelming number thirty nine in the Official UK Charts and would be the start of their decline in the music industry. The sophomore album consists of the singles, ‘DJ (I Could Be Dancing)’ and ‘Hole In My Heart’.

You can listen to Alphabeat’s sophomore album, ‘The Beat Is…’ here:

This would be the last full length release from Alphabeat however. After only releasing a handful of singles in 2012, the group went on hiatus to focus on side projects. We really do hope the hiatus doesn’t last much longer as after looking back on this group, we are in need of new music from them!

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