Throwback Thursday: Former Destiny’s Child Member Kelly Rowland Praises Little Mix

During their second album era, “Salute”, Kelly Rowland had a plentiful amount of words to share concerning Little Mix and their success.

Contrary to popular belief, Rowland was actually the main person whom put together these four girls after they each got ‘No’s’ during their X-Factor audition in the boot camp round.

After they were put together, Little Mix (known at the time as Rhythmix) were mentored by Tulisa Contostavlos and after a long hard working journey became the first group (not just girl group) to win the X-Factor.

It’s great to know that Kelly Rowland saw potential in them from the start, especially knowing that she herself was in a girl group. Destiny’s Child is credited for being a massive force in the music industry during the early to mid 2000’s. They won Grammy’s, MTV awards, and of course a very loyal following.

Fortunately, Little Mix are sure to delve in more success as their music journey continues for years to come just like Destiny’s Child and the Spice Girls!

Selling over 7.5 million records so far is pretty great considering the fact that worldwide music sales have dropped dramatically over the past decade.

In addition, longevity is a key part/goal of any artist/group and by the looks of it, Little Mix are staying in for the long ride!

We’ll be on this journey with you as well girls. To more great success and more great girl power memories!

Check out Kelly’s positive words below!


Written by Dannii C.

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