Tiffany Young releases a breathtaking video for “Lips on Lips”

On Valentine’s Day, Tiffany Young, an advocate of love and positivity, released her single “Lips on Lips”. Now, to mark the release of her stunning EP, Young has yet again surprised her fans with the music video for the song.

Today, the “Born Again” hitmaker released the breathtaking music video for “Lips on Lips”. A series of rooms through which Tiffany navigates is a metaphorical and symbolic representation of the series of thoughts she goes through as she feels the warmth of love from her beloved. The elation and the positive rush has been represented through flowers, colours, and bright lights.

Talking about the lyrics, we earlier noted that,

The lyrical beauty for “Lips on Lips” lies in its inclusivity. Using “you” as the pronoun, the writing team has made a point to invite everyone to be part of the narrative. Today, when there is an increased awareness and usage of gender-neutral pronouns, songs like “Lips on Lips” comes as a beautiful offering. 

With every music video and single, the artist is showing an aspect of hers as a singer as well as a conceptualiser. Her endeavour as a solo artist is helping her fans and non-fans see the talent she possesses and at the same time, it’s helping the artist carve a niche of her own in the western market.

The whole set up compliments Tiffany’s mesmerising vocals. The music video will surely leave listeners grinning ear to ear.

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