Tiffany Young releases the official audio for “Lips on Lips”

Tiffany Young, who stunned her fans with “Born Again” has dropped yet another single. To celebrate the spirit of love on Valentine’s Day, Young gifted us with an official audio of her song “Lips on Lips”.

Written by Tiffany Young, Satica, and Kev Nish and produced by Kevin Nishimura and 9AM, “Lips on Lips” is the love anthem we had been longing for. Young’s exuberance and lush vocals beautifully blend with the dramatic tone of the single. The repetitive loop is a smart move as it allows the lines to get stuck in the listeners’ mind, in a good way.

“Lips on Lips” talks about an unabashed yearning for physical love. The intensity of the song transitions to the listeners and allows them to experience the rush, the same way Young does in the single.

The lyrical beauty for “Lips on Lips” lies in its inclusivity. Using “you” as the pronoun, the writing team has made a point to invite everyone to be part of the narrative. Today, when there is an increased awareness and usage of gender-neutral pronouns, songs like “Lips on Lips” comes as a beautiful offering.

We are already in love with the music video for “Born Again” and can’t wait for the video of the new song. The Lips on Lips EP will be available on 22nd February, 12 am EST.

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Written by Ayushi

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