All Time Low Present the Straight to DVD II

With a surprise tweet and teaser-trailer, the All Time Low guys have finally broken the news on the release date for the sequel to Straight to DVD. The DVD, which is accompanied by a live album and in-depth documentary, is set to be released August 26th, 2016.

And even though the release date isn’t that far off, we’re still very anxious to get our hands on some new ATL footage — we aren’t the only ones waiting around for Jack to do something ridiculous, right? The ATL guys are always up for a good time and we’re sure we’re not going to be disappointed.

Along with the announcement, they also gave a link to preordering, which comes with some sick bundles. Multiple bundles come with T-shirts, posters, and some even come with a Future Hearts download — one you could gift to your friends who don’t already have the album!

All Time Low Present the Straight to DVD II 1

Considering the ATL guys are currently supporting Blink-182 on several of their tour stops, we’re pretty sure they’re all very excited to have so many things going on at once. We know that the tour, the DVD, and Alex’s partnership with Glamour Kills will all go off without a hitch.

Make sure you head over to the preoder page, which can be found here, and look up the bundles — maybe even look into ordering one! How excited are you for STD II? Let us know over @CelebMix!

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