Time to Ride the Fright Train: Greatest Spooks of All Times

We all love a good scare any time of the month. Any night can be Halloween night and the crazy in us can howl at the moon with all our hearts. However, let’s just face the truth; no one wants to get caught by the neighborhood watch for being a loon. Netflix jumps in to offer some cleverly damning flicks to give the daredevil in you some sleepless nights.

From modern contemporary movies and series to old world classics, there’s something for everyone, no matter which age group you belong to. It’s never a bad idea to have a horror movie binge session. All that craziness, from gearing up your cable tv with the most on-demand entertainment options to choose from, to prepping snacks.

We’ve selected a few for some bone-chilling pleasure, so climb aboard the horror locomotive and let the journey of dread begin

The Shining

Beginning with some old school craziness, The Shining holds a place in everyone’s hearts, old and young alike. Critically acclaimed, this psychological horror holds a troubled family’s concerns at its core, while focusing on the place where all events take place, i.e. the Overlook Hotel. The place has struggled through some seriously disturbing tenants and the isolated feel of the place with the forlorn winter mountains adds to its darkness. Another troubling fact is the ground on which the hotel stands, a Native American burial place, a cemetery where negative spiritual energy can breed. With Stephen King at the writer’s helm, the story is brimming with real-time terror. Moreover, Jack Nicholson’s crazy acting is so real that you keep expecting him to pop out of the screen anytime, swinging an axe at your head.


Folk horrors have the capacity of either completely failing or rising so high they become legends. The Apostle is one such movie that has raised the bar for moviemakers who plan to bring horror folk tales to life. With bloody gore and limbs torn apart with abandon, this film will leave you uncomfortable and squirmy. With the fight of faith and society at its core, a sickening feeling keeps building throughout the film, which finally ends in a cult killing. With hearts racing, you will feel stuck between a grimace and the torment but your eyes will remain glued until the end.

The Ritual

The story revolves around a group of old college friends who plan a vacation to get away from their busy work routines. Their getaway becomes a nightmarish hell soon enough and with no place to run every moment becomes a fight to stay alive. The woods that they take to get to their destination are creepy as hell with all the ritualistic signs of an evil monster-worshipping cult. The Ritual starts with the traumatized death scene of one friend and as the story further develops, you observe retrospection from another friend who was present at the time of death. The constant fear and anticipation are what keeps the blood pumping. With all the right twists and turns of a horror monster movie, this one is not for the faint-hearted.


To those who said that movies need a lot of space and one hell load of money, Cube is an excellent example that all you really need is a clear thought of and solid idea. You can film a movie in a room and still get a blockbuster if you have the right set of technicians. While being absolutely uncomplicated, Cube’s success lies in its ability to simply put forward a lethal situation. A group of people, wake up to find themselves trapped in a set of complicated rooms, which are full of unseen traps. There are no clues as to how they got there or where they should or shouldn’t go. There’s no other option but to work together to make sense of it all and more importantly, to survive or escape. For those out there who tend to have anxiety or are claustrophobic, a clear warning, be very careful!


A young girl, named Veronica, attempts to contact her father after his death, in the other world with the help of her two classmates. They use an Ouija board during a solar eclipse and instead of the simple contact that she expects; something horrifying passes through from the other side. One of the extremely terrifying movies of last year, Veronica is a terror tale of twisted horrors that leave you restless, especially when watched on your cable tv, long after you’re done watching it. Ouija board mishaps aren’t that uncommon and movies that revolve around them have been making scores for some time now. Veronica excels in all that by making it one of the exceptionally twisted movies, with all the fears and terrible dreams that the protagonist has. Newcomer actress, Sandra Escacena’s haunting and chilling portrayal of Veronica’s troubles take this flick to a whole new level of fright.

Train to Busan

Movies like World War Z made zombies just a little too crazy that they lost the horror touch, missing their actual mark. Sang-Ho Yeon‘s Train to Busan is a breath of fresh yet very terrifying air, considering the movie takes a zombie apocalypse to a surprisingly good level. A businessman, upon incessant begging from his daughter, boards a train to take her to meet her mother. The world around them is changing fast, becoming land of the undead and any wrong turn or mistake can blow up, turning them into flesh-eating monsters. They are extremely infectious and not at all a ridiculous phenomenon. The film drags a little with the concept that selfishness is immoral but with all the amazing action sequences and some profound acting, it’s a reminder of the greatness of the old school zombie flicks.

It Follows

One of the best horror movies that we’ve seen in some years, the movie revolves around an unseen entity that follows without any clues to who it is, until it catches and kills its target. The kinkiness is that this unseeing force can only leave you if you have sex with someone, making it latch on to the other person. Our main protagonist, a girl named Jay, catches it unknowingly after a night of pleasure. Get your charter cable internet kicking and enjoy, before “It” gets you. With creative cinematography, the movie brings back the same feel of 80’s horror classics, with eerie music, darkened hallways and the terror of a sinister presence.

The Sixth Sense

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense is an excellent example of a perfect thriller with enough dose of mystery put in to create a beautiful and haunting environment. You empathize with the pain of the young boy and then feel sorry for Bruce Willis for the pain he experiences upon finding out the truth. It’s an amazing movie with all the right elements of thrill, horror, drama, pain and finally, the acceptance of it all. This movie definitely deserves a few repeat watches.

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