One of the most common reasons for people losing confidence is hair loss. Hair loss can seriously impede the smooth operation of one’s social life. Today, however, with contemporary technology, everything is possible. Professionals like Christopher Herrera are helping patients reclaim their lost confidence and self-esteem through micro pigmentation, one hair follicle at a time.

Starting a profession in the hair loss sector is honorable since it allows you to help individuals with actual cosmetic issues. Seeing their grins and thanks at the end of the last SMP session is fantastic.

Many professionals, however, face the ‘just starting’ dilemma. You’re new with little experience, yet you’re gifted, knowledgeable, and full of promise.  Christopher Herrera is a well-known and prominent scalp micropigmentation specialist with years of experience. He specializes in creating the appearance of hair on a bald head. Christopher Herrera feels that optimism is the most prevalent attribute of all successful people.

What are you going to do?


#1 You begin small.

Set a goal of being well-known within your target audience. But don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Begin slowly and patiently.

Many SMP artists began their careers for extremely cheap costs or even for free. Why? To produce outcomes and build a portfolio. Success necessitates sacrifice, at least at first.

Consider all of the fantastic SMP artists you know. They were all outsiders and newcomers at first. They didn’t build their name overnight or by pursuing large sums of money.


#2  Develop your talents before starting your practice.

Before devoting your entire weekday to your SMP practice, attempt to obtain clients from a reputable source:

Work for an established SMP master. 

Most experienced SMP artists will not pursue simple, cheap, or tiny SMP jobs. But guess what? They’ll gladly assign them to you in exchange for a commission. You’ll be able to practice risk-free and build a portfolio, and they will appear suitable by turning away requests. It’s a win-win situation.

Add SMP to your portfolio and gradually expand your audience.

You may be just starting with SMP as a supplementary service. If you currently have a customer base, strive to lure them to your new service by making your offer irresistible and risk-free. Your clientele will begin referring new prospects once you have shown your abilities.


#3 Carry out ongoing training

Clients like seeing evidence of your skill. The greater your number of certificates and credentials, the better. This gives them the impression that they are in good hands. Not only that, but continuing education may assist you with the following:

Learn where you stand about your competition; Get comments from recognized coaches;

Discover secrets that no one else will tell you;

Request assistance with your obstacles;

Recognize your flaws and how to correct them;

Avoid future difficulties and unfavorable results.

Maintain awareness of any new trends and methodologies;

Meet SMP artists with whom you might be able to collaborate;

Share your thoughts and experiences with other SMP masters.

Meeting with SMP industry professionals allows you to make contacts and build your abilities.


#4  Maintain an internet presence.

Record every single SMP you perform! You never know when your movies and photographs may bring in new customers. Of course, with each SMP that you complete, your work will improve. Keep a record of your progress and share your findings.


Here are some useful channels to consider:


Social media

Instagram and TikTok are the most popular social media platforms for SMP artists. You must continuously demonstrate your work because this is a very visual and results-driven job.



Having a social media profile is advantageous. It’s much better if you have your customized website. Your website will assist in attracting organic visitors – individuals specifically looking for your business. Your website serves as your online business card. Share helpful content, your portfolio, and interesting information about yourself, including your personality, education, experience, professional path, mission, and convictions.


Google my business

This primary Google business card can help you gain visibility to your target demographic. It’s similar to social media in Google. What’s the best part? Google Reviews can assist you in highlighting all of your satisfied customers and their wonderful interactions with you. Send them the URL where they may post their 5-star ratings.

The Art of SMP is the hair loss treatment clinic of choice for thousands of people across the United States. Christopher Herrera has the 5-star Google ratings of any SMP firm in the world.

Honest reviews are required to develop your reputation. Never undervalue that. And Google My Business is the greatest location to share them.

Share your GMB reviews as Instagram stories to improve their visibility. Your prospective clients will appreciate that.


Paid advertisements

For sponsored advertising, use Instagram, Facebook, and Google. You may do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Invest in the display, social, and search advertisements to attract customers and increase your popularity. This will expedite your growth while also adding new outcomes to your portfolio.


Begin small – create a budget and prioritize only the most vital tasks. Only show some things to some. Work with a marketer to evaluate your needs and target audience. Christopher Herrera’s drive to assist people is greater than ever, and he will go the additional mile for anybody who asks for his help.

Written by Peter Jones