Tokio Myers releases Sign of the Times Ep

 Tokio Myers has released Sign of the Times. Two special, of-the-moment isolation bundles. The new bundles feature brand new orchestral pieces conceptualised as a pandemic-stricken world staggered, stopped and braced itself for whatever came next.

The first part Sign of the Times I features two tracks: Abundance and Earth (Home), two atmospheric, instrumental songs that take the listener on a journey of a world going through global turmoil.

Abundance – Genesis – the birth of the world. An untouched planet filled with magnificence, wonder, freedom, adventure and exuberant life, in countless forms. 
Earth (Home) 
– A fast forward journey through humanity’s history on Earth – witnessing the destruction caused by our toxic systems – the track gradually becoming bigger, more intense – showing signs and warnings that something catastrophic is on the horizon. In particular, the live drums begin playing in a small space, and gradually they build, layering FX – distortion and delays emerge more and more as the track progresses – this drives the development of this emotionally charged story, which ends with a huge crescendo.. into.. stillness.. and reflection.

The release also gives us the first insight to the world of Wazakanine, a digital space that encompasses Tokio’s creations, beginning with Sign Of The Times I.

Wazakanine is a place where all is not what it seems. A place where there are no bounds. No up or down. No time or place. It is a world of nature, creativity and vibrancy from the mind of Tokio Myers.

Earlier this year saw Tokio release a 3-track EP, BLACK DAWN, which was released in support of the fight for global equality and Black Lives Matter.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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