Tom Fletcher unveils his new tattoo and we love it…

Update from the cutest family on the Internet! Tom Fletcher has just posted to show the world his brand new tattoo for his son Buddy. 

Following in his own footsteps, just a year later, Tom Fletcher has taken to Instagram to show off his new “16” tattoo in honour of his second son Buddy’s birthday on the 16th of February 2016. The numerical tattoo is on the opposite hand to that of his similar tattoo that he got on the 30th of March 2015 of the number “13” for his first son, Buzz’s birthday on the 13th of March.

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He approves

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This tattoo makes Tom have a grand total of six tattoos on his body. With some being the result of “tattoo roulette,” that the McFly boys admitted to playing whilst touring, and this particular game was the reason behind the “worlds worst band name” tattoo on the musicians foot. A description written by the man himself. However, I’m sure he learnt to love the band name when the supergroup played to arenas all over the country.. I’d say the tattoo probably paid for itself. KERCHING!

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Obviously, the tattoo has sparked some excited fan reactions with comments responding with the likes of, “That’s sweet man” and “Tom that’s so awesome.” However a number of fans have also pointed out a flaw with Fletcher’s tattoo plan with multiple people asking where he’ll put another date if a “Player 3” enters the game, one fan even added that Tom “wasn’t an octopus!” But we’re sure he’ll find a way to get all his children’s birthdays fitted on his body, that’s if, of course, the McFly boys have put an end to the tattoo roulette days!

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Written by Zara Gibson