Tom Hiddleston Does The Weather, And We Love It!

If you thought that Tom Hiddleston was only good at impressions, dancing, and playing our favorite villain, you’ll be impressed by his new weather skills.

Tom surprised fans with a weather report of Chicago, as Loki on April Fools Day. It surely does help when your step-brother is the God of thunder.

Although he didn’t show up with his costume attire, he did give the news with a very fit suit, which is the best of both worlds in our book.

Our favorite Asgardian villain opens up the weather report by calling out Thor, “My brother from another mother, has been misbehaving.”  He later goes onto detail how Chris Hemsworth (actor of Thor) has taken his hammer, and smashed it on the sky. He ended the report by saying, “It’s going to rain a hell of a lot. Good luck with that.” 

Tom Hiddleston Does The Weather, And We Love It! 1

If you haven’t seen the surprise weather report, we’ve got you covered.

Tom Hiddleston is also starring in the film ‘I Saw The Light’. He actually got the role by his impersonation of Owen Wilson to land the role of Hank Williams. Just as many of his impersonations, he loves to impersonate his co-stars Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans.

News also broke that Tom will no longer be on the big screen as Loki, after Thor: Ragnarok. Tom has said that he has played the character for four years, and doesn’t know what else will happen with it. Maybe as time passes by again, we will see him on screen as Loki.

Now to leave you with a dancing Tom!

Tom Hiddleston Does The Weather, And We Love It! 2

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Written by CelebMix