Promotional image for "Work It To The Bone" which sees Tom Westy standing on an out-corner of a building, looking off to the distance, wearing a black hoodie that matches the colour of his beard and his hair. There's an ember glow light around the roof of the building.

Tom Westy goes all out in his awesome rework house single “Work It To The Bone” originally by LNR

Taking a 1987 timeless house classic and reworking it to make it new and fresh whilst still honouring the original, is not an easy thing to do, but Tom Westy has done just that and dropped this flawless house rework track, “Work It To The Bone”, originally by LNR. This follows his previous single, “Sold My Soul”.

Tom Westy is a Welsh DJ and producer who is mostly known for his awesome remix of DJ Snake & Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You”, which went viral, gaining over 100k views in the first 24 hours, then gained 300k in under a month, and now currently stands at over 3.9m on YouTube, alone. Six years later and he’s built quite the career for himself, having recently sold out a show at Melkweg Amsterdam for ADE, and gained over 953k Spotify streams for last year’s collaboration with NGTY titled “All I Do”. Continuing to gain traction, this Welsh DJ has managed to attract the attention of huge artists in the EDM industry, including Jonas Blue, Don Diablo, and Oliver Heldens, who all signed his singles to their respective labels. His prowess is on top form and he is quickly becoming one of the best-rising DJs around whilst also having viral moments on social media gaining over 4m views on TikTok. We’re excited to watch him continue to grow his career.

Originally released in 1987 by LNR, “Work It To The Bone” became a Chicago house classic, and Tom Westy manages to refresh it using modern elements whilst still paying homage to the past beats. This cheeky DJ apparently hacked into Jonas Blue’s Dropbox, found “Work It To The Bone” and noticed he hadn’t done anything with it, and so took it for himself and created this rework – if that’s what it takes for Tom Westy to release awesome reworks, then we think he should hack into Jonas Blue’s Dropbox more often (note: we do not condone any hacking of any sort, always ask permission to use others’ work).

As with classic ’80s house tracks, LNR’s “Work It To The Bone” features very prominent instruments that create a musical rhythm that signifies it as a classic track, with repeated lyrics and imaginative drum and keyboard chords that keep it in the old-style raver atmosphere. We’re not surprised that Tom Westy picked it up as his new single as there is a tonne of potential in the original that he could work with, and he certainly doesn’t hold back, making it current and relevant to the EDM scene from the get-go. He switches up the melody with groovy chords, a funky bass, and addicting synths. Tom Westy floods the track with dance beats and big house basslines. It flips the track, making it perfect for the upcoming summer of 2023, hooking the listeners right in with the repeated lyrics which took a deeper tone vocally, matching the rhythmic beat. This is the one song that needs to be played at any house party.

Talking about the track, Tom Westy said: “My manager also manages Jonas Blue, so I hacked into his samples folder on Dropbox and noticed a vocal called ‘Work It To The Bone’. He hadn’t done anything with it, so I did. Hope he doesn’t mind.”

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“Work It To The Bone”, by Tom Westy, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Helix Records.

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