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Tony Wedral releases new track ‘Paralysed To The Beat’

Following on from the release of his debut EP last year, singer-songwriter Tony Wedral is finally back with a brand new single.

‘Paralysed To The Beat’ was released today, which also marks Tony’s 22nd birthday (happy birthday Tony! …cue Taylor Swift singalong). Whilst his last EP showcased a fusion of different styles and sounds, ‘Paralysed to the Beat’ strays away from anything we’ve previously heard from the singer.

The track has a strong dance/RnB vibe to it and derives from one of Tony’s personal experiences. Speaking to Secret Sessions, he revealed:  “I actually wrote ‘Paralysed To The Beat’ after a show of mine in London early 2016. Without giving too much away, the song is basically about two people on different sides of the world wanting to be together, but because of music and work commitments, the dream just couldn’t happen, so we were kinda frozen and stuck and it left me frustrated with life.”

‘Paralysed To The Beat’ has a catchy chorus, followed by a hypnotic beat which we’re absolutely loving. The slick, electronic beat contrasts with the lyrics, which kick in immediately, telling a tale of heartache. Tony shared that some of the lyrics are actually exchanges between himself and the person in question, which makes the track even more personal. We really appreciate the rawness and honesty in the song, and love how Tony has managed to intertwine such lyrics with a danceable beat.

Let the music do the talking – take a listen to ‘Paralysed To The Beat’ below.

We’re so glad to see the return of Tony, and are eagerly awaiting more new music from him later this year. In terms of putting his stamp on 2017, he has certainly done just that. ‘Paralysed To The Beat’ is an irresistible offering which is guaranteed to make you want to dance your troubles away.

Make sure you give Tony Wedral the best birthday gift this year by downloading ‘Paralysed To The Beat’ here.

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