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Glee may had come to an end one year ago but its legacy remains –and will remain for a long time. One of the big plots of the series focused on one couple, the so called “Klaine”, conformed by Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson.

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Chris Colfer and Darren Criss are the amazing actors who brought Kurt and Blaine to life. This couple has been called many times “one of the best TV couples of all times” and caused a big and positive impact in the audience and critics since the first moment their story started. To commemorate one year without Glee, here you have ten of the greatest moments of Kurt and Blaine.

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WARNING: this may contain a large amount of spoilers, so better stop reading if you haven’t watched Glee and are planning to do it.

10. When they first met

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The first time we met Blaine was during season two, episode six, when Kurt was sent to Dalton Academy to spy New Direction’s adversaries for sectionals, The Warblers. Destiny made him talk to one student without knowing he was the leader of The Warblers, Blaine. Darren and Chris’ chemistry is undeniable, and since the moment Kurt and Blaine met, everyone knew something was about to start.


9. Thanksgiving phone call

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Season four was a constant heartbreak, especially because of the fourth episode when the show’s three best couples broke up, including Kurt and Blaine. Four episodes later it’s sectionals during thanksgiving, and though Kurt is still heartbroken, he calls Blaine to wish him luck and a happy thanksgiving, assuring him even if he’s still not ready to forgive him, he’s still his best friend. They both end up with tears in their eyes and Blaine’s voice breaking when he tells Kurt he loves him, before Kurt answers the same way and they hang up.


8. The elevator kiss

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In season six we learnt coach Sue Sylvester was indeed the greatest Klaine shipper ever, willing to do anything to get them back together after their second breakup, even lock them in an elevator where the only way to go out is kissing one another. As if it wasn’t enough, the kiss happens while Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love” performed by New Directions was playing. The cherry on this pie was the look in their eyes right after, showing how much they still miss and love each other.


7. Their wedding

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Yes, they had just got back together, and yes, it wasn’t even their wedding at first, but we will never thank enough to Santana and Brittany for sharing their special day with Kurt and Blaine. This was a moment everyone waited for a long time and when hopes were almost non-existent, it finally happened: Kurt and Blaine got married by the last season. Their vows brought more than one tear and it was extremely gratifying to hear Kurt saying “my husband and I”.

6. You Make Me Feel So Young

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When Blaine first moved to New York with Kurt after graduating in season five, we were able to see how domestic they were. Blaine would make him breakfast, they’d make the bed together and pick each other’s clothes before going shopping. All of this while singing how young they felt instead of being an old married couple. It didn’t last too long, but it was incredibly precious to watch.


5. Their first time

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In season three Blaine was starring the school’s musical “West Side Story” when he started feeling the social pressure to lose his virginity in order to offer a better performance. Meanwhile Kurt was really jealous of a recently-introduced Sebastian Smythe, who was chasing after Blaine. This whole situation brought them problems that later made them realize they didn’t want their first time to be pressured or rushed. Instead they had a romantic encounter in Blaine’s room when both of them felt ready, one of the sweetest scenes.


4. The promise ring

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This was a deleted scene from “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” (season three), but definitely deserves to be on this list. The subject is simple, yet deep: Blaine gives Kurt a promise ring of a little bow tie, a ring he made himself with gum wrappers of Kurt’s favourite flavour. With this ring he promises to always love him, defend him, bake him cookies at least twice a year, and other things. Our hearts melt, simply as that!


3. Come What May

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After they broke up in season four, there was a time when Kurt was dating another guy, but that didn’t stop him from letting his imagination fly while watching Moulin Rouge with him, and started daydreaming with Blaine and himself singing “Come What May”. This not only was one of their best duets ever, the whole scene is another level of romance. Is almost as if both characters were picturing the same scene at the same time through some mental connection, promising to love each other until the end of times no matter what, even if they were not together. The best part is the hug at the end, instead of the kiss everyone was expecting, to show how more emotional than physical this part was.


2. The proposal

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The start of season five gave us one of the most epic Glee scenes: Blaine proposing to Kurt. He reunited three of the biggest New Directions’ enemies: Vocal Adrenaline, The Warblers and Haverbrook School for the Deaf Choir, and made these four glee clubs perform all together with the purpose of love. After this large group of people sang “All You Need Is Love” to Kurt while he walked along Dalton Academy, Blaine proposed in the exact spot where they first met, saying the best speech ever. It was obvious what was going to be Kurt’s answer.


1. “You move me, Kurt”

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There’s a moment when you say to yourself ‘oh, there you are, I’ve been looking for you forever’. Watching you do ‘Blackbird’ this week, that was a moment for me about you. You move me, Kurt, and this duet would just be an excuse to spend more time with you”. These are the words that Blaine says to Kurt before kissing him for the first time ever. The amount of people who ships Klaine is so big that for most of the fans, “Original Song”, 16th episode from season two is their favourite episode from the whole show. This scene marks the beginning of their relationship as a couple, maybe not the first Klaine moment ever, but the most iconic for this lovely pair.


Bonus: Their future.

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This could not be one of the greatest 10, but for Glee’s ending anniversary it deserves to be reminded. In the very last chapter we make a jump in time, the year is 2020 and as Kurt and Blaine expect their first child, they’re still a power couple, they’re both actors and visit a child daycare to talk about equality, acceptance and dreams, before they perform “Daydream Believer” with the kids. Watching these characters singing their last duet in the series, with a group of children, laughing and playing with them, is nothing but heart-warming. Darren Criss recently said in February this year that in that moment Kurt and Blaine were “probably sleeping in, being a boring old married couple”, and that’s a lovely image to keep in mind as we know what would be of them in a few years.

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