Top 10 High School Musical Songs

From “Breaking Free” , to “Now or Never”, High School Musical have created some of the most catchy songs ever. There probably isn’t a person on this planet who wasn’t heard at least one song in their lifetime.

These are our Top 10 songs from the High School Musical trilogy.

Top 10 High School Musical Songs 2

10. Start Of Something New

Of course we had to start our countdown with the song that opened the film. Seeing Troy and Gabriella sing together made our hearts melt and it’s our New Years Eve jam, for obvious reasons.

9. Fabulous

‘Fabulous’ is by far one of the catchiest High School Musical songs ever, and it’s one of our standout songs in the second film. We want fabulous too, Sharpay.

8. The Boys Are Back

‘The Boys Are Back’ is most definitely the friendship goals song of High School Musical 3. Our Troy and Chad hearts were beating twice as during this scene. We adore this song a lot.

7. Bet On It

Seeing Zac Efron run around a golf course singing his heart out probably made High School Musical 2 for us. We are also guilty of trying to re-enact this scene multiple times. Sorry.

6. Gotta Go My Own Way


The most heartbreaking moment in any Disney Channel Original Movie. ‘Gotta Go My Own Way’ caused us to experience many different feelings that we didn’t even know existed when we were 10 years old.

5. Get’cha Head In The Game

Every single basketball team across the world tried to copy this iconic scene from High School Musical. This song is a clear highlight from the soundtrack and slam dunks straight into fifth on our list.

4.  High School Musical

Probably one of the most low-key emotional songs from the High School Musical discography. The song reminds people to hold onto the memories from high school and we are getting emotional just thinking about the jump at the end.

3. Scream


Who would have thought that High School Musical would have made a song that is so relatable for everyone in their Senior year? This was definitely the best song from the final film and secured it’s place in the top three of our countdown.

2. Breaking Free

It wouldn’t be a HSM countdown without the most iconic song from the film, and the defining moment of “Tabriella”. We still sing our hearts out to this every now and again.

1. We’re All In This Together

Our Number 1 High School Musical song is of course ‘We’re All In This Together’. Easily the most catchy song from the soundtrack and told people like us at 10 years old that we are all the same. Great message HSM!

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Written by Ellie Nicholas

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