Top 5 Films Starring Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe fans everywhere are giving thanks to the existence of beauty icon, film star and model Marilyn on what would be her 90th birthday, today.

To show our appreciation for Marilyn and the influence that she still has on today’s society and film industry we’ve selected the top 5 films Marilyn starred in. Choosing only five films to talk about was incredibly difficult for us because we might just love every single film Marilyn starred in.


1.Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

This movie is one of the most popular movies that Marilyn has ever done, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was released in 1953 at the peak of Marilyn’s career. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was directed by Howard Hawks and featured names such as Jane Russell and Charles Coburn who both worked closely alongside Marilyn during filming.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a humorous and musical film about singers Lorelei Lee (played by Marilyn) and Dorothy Shaw (Jane Russell) who both travel to Paris, followed by a private investigator hired by Lorelei’s father who wants to keep an eye on her during the trip to Paris

The film is most well remembered for Marilyn’s performance of the hit song Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend. Watch the spectacular performance below:


2. Some Like It Hot

This classic is a film which was released in 1959 and directed by Billy Wilder. Marilyn plays Sugar Kane Kowalczyk. Some Like It Hot was nominated for lots of awards but just to name a few that the film won:

  • National Board of Review – Top 10 Films.
  • Academy Awards – Best Costume Award.
  • Golden Globe – Best Actress: Marilyn Monroe.
  • Golden Globe – Best Actor: Jack Lemmon
  • Golden Globe – Best Motion Picture.


Top 5 Films Starring Marilyn Monroe 5


3. How To Marry a Millionaire

How To Marry a Millionaire is a popular title that comes to mind when anybody thinks of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn plays Pola Debevoise a young New York model, Pola lives in an expensive New York apartment with her two other model friends Shatze Page (Lauren Bacall) and Loco Dempsey (Betty Grable). Pola, Shatze and Loco are tired of being single or dating poor men so the girls use their charm to catch a millionaire to marry but they begin to find it incredibly difficult to spot the real millionaires from those just pretending.

How To Marry a Millionaire is a glamorous comedy that must be watched, Marilyn’s character is super relatable despite her model status as she’s clumsy, a little bit simple sometimes and hilarious.

Top 5 Films Starring Marilyn Monroe 6


4. All About Eve

While All About Eve isn’t solely a Marilyn Monroe acclaimed film it is certainly a favourite given Marilyn’s character Miss Casswell and her sass. The film stars many well-known names for any film buff of the 1900’s such as Marilyn herself, Bette Davis, George Sanders and Anne Baxter. All About Eve won 6 Oscars out of the 10 the movie was nominated for.

  • Oscar – Best Picture.
  • Oscar – Best Costume Design in a Black and White film.
  • Oscar – Best Writing, Screenplay: Joseph L. Mankiewicz.
  • Oscar – Best Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz.
  • Oscar – Best Actor in a Supporting Role: George Sanders.
  • Golden Globe – Best Screenplay.
  • BAFTA – Best Film.

Top 5 Films Starring Marilyn Monroe 7


5. Seven Year Itch

Released in 1955 and directed by Billy Wilder, who Marilyn later works beside in Some Like It Hot in 1959, Seven Year Itch won a Golden Globe for Best Actor going to Marilyn’s co-star Tom Ewell. Marilyn plays “The Girl” that her neighbour who is married becomes so infatuated by.

This film is where one of the most iconic photos of Marilyn came from, don’t know which photo we’re talking about?

Top 5 Films Starring Marilyn Monroe 1

Still don’t have any idea? It’s this one!

Top 5 Films Starring Marilyn Monroe 2

You must know what photo the film includes now!

Top 5 Films Starring Marilyn Monroe 1

We love these 5 Marilyn films and in no specific order we highly recommend that you watch them! Happy birthday, Marilyn, on what would be your 90th birthday, may you forever remain an icon of beauty and film influence.

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