Top 9 Feminist Quotes by Emma Watson

The sweet, geeky and nerdy Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) has grown up to be a strong upholder of the concept of feminism. She has been extremely vocal about it and does not shy away from calling herself a feminist at any point. Her contributions to the society and the literary circle as a young feminist is immense in terms of speeches and ideologies. Watson takes a very strong stand in the fact that women need to be together and fight against all social evils. They need to empower themselves to bring in women empowerment at a larger scale; and in this, men should stand beside women because women empowerment and feminism are not issues that only concerns women.

We have listed nine of our favourite quotes by Emma Watson.

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Very rightly pointed out by Watson, that a woman may not be perfect (nobody is), but she needs to love herself to be able to feel the love and respect from others.

Top 10 Feminist Quotes by Emma Watson 1It is important that one has enough confidence in herself. The day a woman loses her own confidence, she falls victim to the world’s tyranny and abuse.Top 10 Feminist Quotes by Emma Watson 3Failure is the stepping stone to success. In fact, there might not be any person – a woman or a man- who has not failed in life. But that failure should be a lesson and a determination to move on and not succumb to it.Top 10 Feminist Quotes by Emma Watson 4

A woman is completely capable of living her life on her own terms and conditions. She does not have to be dictated about how to live her life and what to do and what not to do. Top 10 Feminist Quotes by Emma Watson 2

According to Emma Watson, ‘Feminism’ is just a word. But the scope of this tiny word is what matters the most and what drives the entire ideology.Top 10 Feminist Quotes by Emma Watson 9

Women should be able to feel as free as men. Most of the time, they feel the need to please others because that’s what they’re taught by society.

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For certain reasons, the enormous potentials of womankind are not exploited for the good. Thus, if women and men were given the equal chance, they can achieve much together.

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A very strong statement made by Watson. Not many people talk about the fact that men are an integral part of the feminism as well.Top 10 Feminist Quotes by Emma Watson 1

Definitely worth a mention. Feminism isn’t about having a prejudice against men.

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