Tori Kelly Advises For Season 10 of “The Voice”

In the upcoming Season 10 of The Voice (USA), Grammy-nominated singer Tori Kelly will be featured advising Adam Levine and his team.

Kelly, who re-released her 2015 album “Unbreakable Smile” yesterday (Jan. 29), is scheduled to aid Team Adam and their musical capabilities, while giving insight to Levine on which contestant needs help with what. It’s possible that Kelly’s advice could be more useful and productive than that of Diddy and Patti Labelle’s, who will be advising Pharell Williams and Christina Aguilera respectively.

Not everyone is familiar with the fact that the “Hollow” singer had auditioned for American Idol’s Season 9 when she was merely 16. Kelly had made it through to Hollywood Week, but at the very end didn’t proceed through to the Top 24.

Although American Idol and The Voice obviously have different ways of running a show and judging contestants, it’s Kelly’s experience from being in a singing TV series and being able to make a successful career without winning that could give Team Adam the best advice.

We’ll be making sure to mark our calendars for February 29, when The Voice makes its returns to NBC. That’s a little less than month away –– plenty of time to re-listen to “Unbreakable Smile” over and over again!

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Written by Celine Low

Based in TX. Passionate about music, film, photography, & journalism.