Track By Track Album Review: Guy Sebastian – Conscious

We have another album release from a Eurovision star. Guy Sebastian will forever be known as the first representative for Australia. His new album, “Conscious”, contains 12 stunning tracks that will have you craving for more.

He’s a big star in Australia, having won the first series of Australian Idol in 2003, worked with high-profile international stars, become a judge on The X Factor Australia, and also came fifth in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song “Tonight Again”.

This album is his eighth studio album, following up 2014’s album “Madness” that charted at number six in Australia and number 34 in Sweden. Since starting his musical career, he has had five Australian number one singles, charted on the US Billboard chart in a collaboration with Lupe Fiasco on “Battle Scars”, and his Eurovision song charted all over Europe.

From this new album, two singles have been released, “High On Me” and “Bloodstone”; and in the run-up to the release of “Conscious” there were four promotional singles, which were “Keep Me Coming Back”, “Vesuvius”, “Exclusive”, and “Stay In Bed”.

This is certainly an album we haven’t been able to get enough of since our first listen. So check out our thoughts on each of the songs on the album, below; and, listen to each track with us.

High On Me

The debut single from this album, and also the first track on the album; “High On Me” totally shows off Guy Sebastian and this “Conscious” album. He has always been about the falsetto and he totally brings it for this track, impressing us to no end. It’s a groovy soulful pop track that is totally identifiable as Guy Sebastian. It’s a technically great song and definitely not something easy to sing.


A piano intro starts this track off, with Guy Sebastian showing his raw emotional vocals on the first verse. It’s a deep honest track that showcases his natural singing voice. It’s one of our favourites on the album as it shows the depths this male solo artist is prepared to go. Definitely an unforgettable track on the album.

Set In Stone

The perfect track to follow “Bloodstone”, this track is more of a soulful ballad that allows the listeners to feel every single lyric. It’s rhythmically catchy as the song continues. It’s not one that will be treasured by many, but it is certainly a defining love track that we all can’t help but fall for.


A surprising beat starts this track off, and Guy Sebastian’s vocals on the first verse are the sole attention. This is a beaty track that has an experimental backing track with synths and addicting sounds. The lyrics are emotional and honest with his voice on point all the way through. It has a Justin Timberlake feel to the track and is one that will certainly grow on us all.


This is a song we’ve been waiting for, a song to represent a moment in our life that we’ve all been through. It’s an upbeat pop song with a relatable message behind the lyrics of the song that all of us can totally identify with. Guy Sebastian hits us right inside with his meaningful lyrics and gorgeous vocals. It paints a story, one we’ve all been a part of, and this is certainly a song we’ll be blasting when we’re thinking of those times.

Drink Driving

Guy Sebastian continues to tell us stories with his songs, “Drink Driving” is another one that brings up images. The track is certainly catchy and one that certainly stands out on the album, with his amazing falsetto snippets and brilliant dynamic backing track. Just wow.

Chasing Lights

Another piano intro starts this track off with Guy Sebastian’s deep voice full of emotion. This is another pop-ballad, one that deserves to be a treasured hit amongst his fans. This is the song we’d love to hear him sing live on stage. Again it’s got a narrative to it, one that allows the listeners to understand where he is coming from with this song.

Keep Me Coming Back

One of the most upbeat tracks on the album filled with synths and beats that we can’t get over. This is the perfect track for DJs to remix and then include on their sets. This is totally a side of Guy Sebastian we love and hope to see more from in the future. “Keep Me Coming Back” is certainly one for all our pre-party playlists.


This is the perfect track to follow “Keep Me Coming Back”, keeping it upbeat but wrapped up around ballad-like verses and a theatrical chorus. This song is a defining track on the album because it’s so different and really shows how diverse this Australian male artist is. He’s not afraid of transforming a typical pop song and creating something astronomically different in a good way.

Stay In Bed

We all want to stay in bed, don’t we? Here’s a track you won’t want to use as your alarm because we’re pretty sure you won’t be getting up. It reminds us slightly of DNCE’s “Toothbrush”. It’s rhythmically catchy with a soulful falsetto flowing throughout. We are so feeling all the lyrics of this song, if only we could all stay in bed!


This track fully exposes Guy Sebastian’s brilliant voice as he sings the heartfelt lyrics. His falsetto is literally off the radar, as his vocals are on fire from the very start. Again, it’s a narrative song that is highly relatable to us all. It’s powerful, honest, and really manages to cut deep with every listener.


The last track on the album and this is one that certainly makes us press the repeat button on the whole album. It contains the same lyrics as “Sober”, with the same meaning behind the song. “Reprise” really wraps up this album, because “Sober” is one of our favourite tracks on the album, and this switches it down in all the right ways. It’s more of a piano acoustic, with Guy Sebastian’s vocals truly hitting home in every way.

Overall, this album is everything we hoped and more. Guy Sebastian has really proven himself with all 12 tracks on the LP. His vocals are perfection in every way, he knows exactly how to flood a song with emotion and meaning. He fully brings it, so much so that we don’t understand why he isn’t a fully-fledged international star – because he is totally worthy.

“Conscious” is available to download and stream right now on all platforms. We highly recommend this amazing album, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with his voice.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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