Track-By-Track EP Review: Colin & Caroline – Wish I Was

We recently got to interview Colin & Caroline in promotion of their debut EP, titled Wish I Was, and we loved the EP so much that we just had to write up a track-by-track EP review. Prior to the release, on July 27, they dropped two singles from the said EP, “Perfect Storm” and title track “Wish I Was”, both of which were given a music video. Upon the release of the EP, they also dropped the music video to “When You Love Someone”.

Colin & Caroline, consisting of Colin Healy and Caroline Mauck, have known each other since high school. They went their separate ways when it came to music but they reconnected not long after and started releasing cover songs that have become popular. Their friendship blossomed into a loving relationship and their music has blossomed into original releases.

This debut EP, titled Wish I Was, was released on July 27, and it really is a great collection of tracks and shows how Colin & Caroline have grown as artists from releasing cover versions to releasing their own original music. Here’s our track-by-track EP review of Wish I Was.

Wish I Was

A long intro, but it really allows Colin & Caroline’s vocals to kick in with a surprise. Passion and emotion fuels the first verse and their timid voices match the song itself and the meaning behind the words until the song grows to this epically addictive track that will definitely get stuck in your head.

In our interview, Colin & Caroline said of this track: “Wish I Was’ is a song we wrote about wishing to always be with the one you love. It could carry multiple meanings, but the main message is that the push-pull of timing and situations in life that sometimes keep us away from being present with the ones we love.


A rhythmic tranquil intro to this track really makes us fall in love with this from the opening chords. This has to be one of our favourites on the EP, just because of the soft rhythm that flows through the whole song. Their voices sound superb from start to finish and on the second play of this song you’ll surely be singing along.

In our interview, Colin & Caroline said of this track: “‘Stories’ seemed to be a good track to follow “Wish I Was”. It describes how everyone has a story, and everyone’s situations throughout life can’t truly ever be compared to someone else’s, because we all have unique perspectives and experiences that make us who we are. No one else’s is the exact same. Ain’t it the truth!

When You Love Someone

Raw and emotional are the two words we would use to describe this track. Colin & Caroline’s vocals sound the best on this track purely because they’re fully embracing every single word and wrapping it up in their love and allowing us to feel every single warm word they unleash to us. Harmonies are on point, whilst each singular voice verse if pure perfection. If any of the songs are set to go viral, it’s certainly this one.

In our interview, Colin & Caroline said of this track: “‘When You Love Someone’ emphasizes the importance of loving even when it hurts to. No matter who and no matter what- if you love them, let yourself, and let them know. The takeaway message is the more love we put out in the world, the more we get back.

Perfect Storm

This track really brings harmonies to the forefront as Colin & Caroline bring it with this intricate song. It fully tells a story from start to finish as we hear from Caroline who is singing about being in a relationship that isn’t going the way she had hoped, while Colin adds brilliant vocal harmonies throughout. The music video to this track is definitely something you need to see.

In our interview, Colin & Caroline said of this track: “‘Perfect Storm’ describes a relationship where one person has realized that they have been stuck seeing only the blissful, peaceful and happy parts of the relationship (i.e. “the eye of the storm”), and is beginning to recognize that in reality, the negative outweighs the good. Over time, that person realizes that their partner isn’t willing to change for the better, and they can no longer wait around for them to do so. It defines how people have choices to make within every relationship, both good and bad, and even when the right choice is sometimes difficult, following your heart is always the answer.

Do It All Again

The final track on the EP, and usually these songs make an impact, and that’s exactly what we find with “Do It All Again”. It has a Firelight sound to it (they represented Malta at Eurovision 2014). It’s full of rhythm and passionate vocals that progresses well and will surely get you gently rocking to the sound. Colin & Caroline truly show their incredible musical ability in this track, with the lyrics full of meaning. It’s beyond sweet and a perfect track to end the EP on.

In our interview, Colin & Caroline said of this track: “Do It All Again’ is a nostalgic song that describes fond memories with a lost loved one and recalling the times where nothing else seemed to matter except living day-by-day in that feeling. Knowing that in the end, they wouldn’t have had it any other way.

This EP really shows off what Colin & Caroline are capable of and that their original music is just as good as their cover tracks. Make sure you listen to it. Wish I Was EP is available to stream and download right now. Don’t forget to check out our interview with this duo.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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