Track-By-Track EP Review: Feryl – Release

We have a brand new collection of tracks from Feryl, following up 2015’s “The Next Level”. This new seven-track EP is titled “Release” and was preceded by the singles “King of Everything” and “Hear Me Now”.

Feryl was born in Middlesex but spent most of his childhood in Hampshire and currently still records in the area. He’s been focusing on his solo music career since 2012 and was mentored by Roy Perestrelo which led him to release his debut album “The Next Level”, which also won an award for Best Funk Album in 2015 from The Akademia. He’s been building his career since, having shared stages all over the world, with the likes of Cascada and Alexandra Burke. He has established himself as an LGBT+ artist and has performed at many pride festivals. His new releases have been independently released, allowing him to have creative control over his music, and this new EP “Release” just proves how incredibly talented he truly is.

As with most of our reviews, we believe all tracks deserve their moment in the spotlight, so below is a track-by-track review of all seven songs. He’s definitely one to watch.


Starting off with “Emotions”, Feryl really showcases who he is as an artist, preparing the listener for what is to come. It has a rhythmically groovy feel to it whilst being upbeat and catchy. Feryl’s vocals are full and exciting as he displays his vocal range and his ability to flood the song with emotion. The lyrics paint a story about someone who keeps breaking his heart and he’s finally had enough.

Solemn Light

Rolling on well from “Emotions” is “Solemn Light” which has a much more soulful feel to it, with a gentle backing track that matches Feryl’s vocal perfectly. The song has addictive repeated chords which are guaranteed to get stuck in your head, so be prepared to love this track as soon as you hear it. “Solemn Light” spreads confidence to every listener as Feryl lifts us all up with the lyrics of the song.

Take Take Take

From the very first few seconds, we know straight away this is an Ibiza-inspired track with an undeniable amazing backing track. Feryl starts off dark with his first verse leading into an upbeat chorus about someone who always brought him down. This is one of our favourites on the EP.

Hear Me Now

Continuing on with the dark theme from the lyrics of the last song, “Hear Me Now” has a much deeper intro that gets every listener in anticipation of the song itself. From the first line, Feryl’s vocal sounds on-point, and he continues to impress as the song continues, making this one our favourite vocal tracks from him. The lyrics are about being lonely, really delving into how loneliness can really affect a person. This is one important track, especially now when reports are coming in about loneliness as a health issue.

As the listener gets used to the song, Feryl switches it up with a production voice talking over the track, interesting any listeners he had lost back into the track. The words take up space imagery and metaphors, believing that there’s someone out there for everyone – and we totally agree, we believe in unity.

The length of this track suggests this is being used as an interlude, especially when the song ends and the backing track continues. It works well in separating the tracks because we were certainly not prepared for the next song.

King Of Everything

WOW! Feryl jumps right in with this track kickstarting the first verse of “King Of Everything” from the first second. This is upbeat and catchy, with Feryl singing about a relationship that didn’t turn out the way he wanted and now they don’t like each other anymore. The lyrics feel really personal and works as a great contrast to the positive beats of the backing track, lifting him up in confidences as the song continues. His voice is on point from start to finish with some emotional soul throughout. This has a Brandon Stansell feel to it and we are loving every second of it.

The Truth

Taking it back a notch, “The Truth” is another personal track that really showcases Feryl’s identity as an artist. It’s an upbeat ballad that digs deep with the lyrics which again spreads confidence. This one fades in amongst all the other songs, and isn’t much of a stand-out track, however, on its own it gains the attention of the listener.


Time for the final song on the EP and it’s also the title track. The song is a remixed melody of the first three songs of this EP – “Emotions”, “Solemn Light”, and “Take Take Take”. It works well and reminds us of those previous three songs, although we would’ve liked the other three – “Hear Me Now”, “King Of Everything”, and “The Truth” – to be included too. It allows each of the three songs to roll into one another making it an epic track full of snippets that we loved listening to.

Overall, this EP is intricate, personal, and addicting and is worth adding to your playlists. Feryl really launches in deep with his lyrics, taking personal experiences and creating a brilliant song around them. His vocals are great throughout suggesting the future is bright for him. We cannot wait to see what the next few years brings in regards to his music.

“Release” is available to download and stream right now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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