Track-By-Track EP Review: Michael Blume – cynicism & sincerity

We’ve become obsessed with this EP by Michael Blume and he’s certainly one of the ones to watch in the coming years. He’s currently growing his fanbase and his music catalogue and this EP is everything we needed in our lives and more. It contains seven tracks, it’s titled cynicism & sincerity, and also contains a collaboration with Shea Couleé and Peppermint, who were finalists on season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Michael Blume is a rising male artist who has been named as one of Billboard’s 12 Musicians To Discover During Pride, and we’re not going to lie, we’re grateful that we have discovered this talented male artist. To date, he has received critical acclaim for his songs and his music. He is also not afraid to speak out and is a becoming a strong advocate for self-love and LGBTQ+ rights.

This EP is a fierce and strong set of tracks inspiring from mainstream pop but mixing in indie roots, some soul, R&B, hip-hop, and electronica. Michael Blume shows off his versatility as an artist and uses that to prove he deserves a prominent spot in the music industry.

Talking about the EP, Michael Blume said: “These songs ask questions about love, and aim to redefine what love can look and feel like. ‘cynicism & sincerity’ celebrates the fact that there is no ‘right’ answer.” Continuing on, he said, “We all understand ourselves and our relationship to the world uniquely, and I want to create work that supports every human’s right to make themselves how they want to make themselves.”

We loved these seven tracks individually and thought it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t write up a track by track review, so if you’re ready, we’re ready.

Maybe Love Is True

This starts off catchy but softly with Michael Blume bringing us a hook that we won’t be able to get out of our heads, within seconds. It’s a gentle track with some hard-hitting lyrics about love as a whole. What he lacks in vocal prowess, he makes up for it in his rap and addicting lyrics, he really means every single word of this. It’s passionate and meaningful.


This track, titled “Blunder”, easily draws inspiration from Sam Smith’s recent music. It’s catchy, ballad-y and full of emotion. Michael Blume is raw and honest in this song and it’s made his voice pleasant to listen to as he nails the words of the song perfectly. What a comeback from “Maybe Love Is True”, he may have lost some listeners with that first track, but he’s totally redeemed himself with this one, even taking us to church at times with his soulful and gospel-like song.

Lifting You

A rap starts this track, exposing his deep voice and allowing the listener to really listen to his lyrics. It’s a simple track that has some killer vocal riffs, but the main focus is one his hip-hop-inspired song. It’s quite a difference from “Blunder” and continues to show his versatility as an artist, however this is one of those songs that is a grower as time goes on and the more we hear this song.

I Wanna Know

Another pop-rap track that fully shows that Michael Blume doesn’t need to collaborate with anyone. He has this incredible singing voice and deep, soulful rap voice too – he can literally do both and that is the sort of artist that is trending well at the moment. The song takes its time to find its feet but after halfway through, Michael Blume impresses us to no end with his voice and real lyrics, completely drawing us back in.

R U Mad

Now time for our favourite track on the EP. It’s got a Macklemore feel to it. “R U Mad” is beaty with unforgettable lyrics and a rolling question during the chorus that is there to shock yet still managing to be catchy. Michael Blume brings it in every way for this track and it works beyond anything we could imagine. It’s one that deserves to become an LGBTQ+ anthem.

I Got You

Another raw emotional energised track, that really allows Michael Blume to show who he is as an artist. It’s groovy and honest, with this male singer putting his heart on his sleeve and showing that he is in love. It truly shows that he can sing mainstream pop to a brilliant standard – this track is totally unforgettable and one that stays with you for the rest of the day.

R U Mad (feat. Shea Couleé & Peppermint) [John “J-C” Carr & Bill Coleman Mix]

Well here is the LGBTQ+ anthem again but wrapped up in a remix by John “J-C” Carr & Bill Coleman and they’ve made it 100 times better, with Shea Couleé & Peppermint adding their voices to this to make it even more addicting. This is full of confidence and action, with Michael Blume impressing for a second time with his lyrics and music. The drag queens will have you shouting “YAS” out-loud as they come in and bring it like no other can, and they also switch up the lyrics, “R U mad I slay” – Yas queen slay! This is the perfect ending to Michael Blume’s EP cynicism & sincerity.

Most of the songs from this EP stay with you for the rest of the day. It easily displays Michael Blume’s versatility and is the exact reason why he is one of the LGBTQ+ rising stars we all need to watch.

The seven-track EP, cynicism & sincerity, is available to download and stream now, through S-Curve Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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