Track-By-Track EP Review: OBB – Is This A Thing EP

Yesterday, saw us premiere OBB’s song “Is This A Thing“, which acts as the third and final track to their new EP of the same name. Now, the EP has officially dropped and we are totally loving it. “Is This A Thing” EP shows how incredible OBB are and we cannot stop listening to these three tracks.

This trio have really made their mark with this EP, showing that they deserve a place in the music industry. OBB consists of the Oswald brothers who are Zach, Jacob, and Nich. They started their career in music by dropping their debut EP back in 2011. Since then, they’ve come a long way, especially since the first single from “Is This A Thing” EP, titled “Sweater” which was released in 2016, is currently their biggest hit to date with almost 2 million Spotify streams. The follow-up single, “Mona Lisa”, released in 2017, was featured in Google’s Chromebook ad campaign, as well as Dude Perfect’s YouTube Video “Water Bottle Flip 2”, which has over 60 million views. They’re certainly paving their way in the music industry; and, this new EP, which contains “Sweater” and “Mona Lisa”, alongside the new track, which we premiered, “Is This A Thing“, really allows OBB to establish themselves as a new brotherly trio we’re all going to fall in love with.

Their new EP, named after the new track, is a great three-piece collection that will have you singing along to each of the songs. OBB have really brought it for this EP, and it truly shows, so we just had to do a track-by-track review of all three songs.

Is This A Thing

The title track starts off this EP, and it’s rhythmically catchy with a beat that definitely is something that will stay in your head for the rest of the day. OBB sound absolutely incredible, their vocals are completely on point throughout, as they easily dig deep into the emotion of this song. We hear the group cry out, wondering if the person they like, likes them back. Sometimes it’s a fine line between a fully-fledged relationship and a friendship, and sometimes the discussion of what it is, is what separates you, but everyone needs to know where they stand, and this song easily showcases that message across, both lyrically and vocally.


“Sweater” cuts right in with some vocals, alerting us from the get-go. It works well, story-wise, after “Is This A Thing”, as they sing about how they lent their sweater to someone they like, giving them the start of plenty of memories. It’s a cute and adorable song, all wrapped up in an undeniable addictive backing track that will certainly make you press the replay button. It’s no surprise that this song has racked up so many Spotify streams – it’s just one of those defining songs that are just going to become more and more popular as time goes on.

Mona Lisa

Time for the final track, the one that has been used for Google’s Chromebook ad campaign, and has also been used on Dude Perfect’s YouTube Video “Water Bottle Flip 2”, which has over 60 million views; are you ready for this? The start reminds us of something DNCE would release, especially by starting the song with ‘Mona Mona Mona Mona, ah ah ah ah’. That’s before the song kicks in with some killer vocals that include incredible falsettos, and awesome harmonies. OBB really outdo themselves with this song, and we’re surprised it hasn’t racked up more streams, yet. It’s rhythmically groovy, keeping to a simple constant beat that is unforgettable, while the lyrics portray how the person that they like makes their hearts beat out of their chests and their palms all sweaty, so they decide they’re going to steal her because she’s their Mona Lisa. This is beyond catchy, and totally our favourite on the EP.

What an EP this is. We’re slightly disappointed that there are only three tracks – come on OBB, we wanted more new music! We’re hoping this is leading up to another album since we haven’t had a full LP from them since 2014’s Bright Side.

“Is This A Thing” EP is available to download and stream right now through Curb Records, Inc. This is one band we’re going to be keeping our eyes and ears on because vocals like that and addicting songs like this are what will take them places. If you want to find out more about the trio, keep an eye on our socials (Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram), as the brothers will be doing takeovers today. Not only that, watch out for our forthcoming interview with OBB.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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