Track-By-Track EP Review: Relley.C – Square One

We have some epic new music from Relley.C in the form of a six-track EP, titled “Square One”. It is her official debut EP, following up the single releases of “Unruly” and “Tell Me That“, the latter of which acted as the official first single from this collection.

Fans of The X Factor will be aware of her name, as she was a contestant in two series. She first appeared on the 10th series, where she got as far as Judges’ Houses. She returned for the 13th series where she made the live shows, finishing in 10th place. She continues to prove that she deserved to do better on the show as her incredible music is beyond addicting, and as soon as you hear this EP, you’ll certainly become a fan of hers.

“Square One” has been an EP we’ve been waiting for. Relley.C brings R&B to the mainstream and it fully works. There’s a total of six tracks, including lead single “Tell Me That” and a collaboration with Lady Sanity, titled “Priceless”. This is definitely our EP of the week, and here’s our track-by-track review of it.

Tell Me That

Here’s the first single and it starts with some synth beats to fully introduce the song, easily exciting us for Relley.C’s vocal to come in. It’s rhythmically beaty which complements her vocals amazingly. Lyrics-wise, this British female singer sings about a lover that she walked away from as he didn’t tell her that he loved her and now she’s prepared to get back with him but she wants someone she can trust, who loves her, who wants her. It’s a strong track, with a rich vocal from Relley.C, who nails the song, flooding it with emotion and meaning every single word of it. Production-wise, the track is upbeat and addicting, one which has us falling in love with the song every time we hear it. It’s impressive; and, the last verse at the end just hits us right in the heart, as if she is singing the song to us.

Hot Spot

A few beats open the track, as Relley.C states her name and then reveals that she’s going to keep it real on this one – we expect nothing less from her music. Her vocals are on point, as per usual, with some gorgeous twists and emotional words. Her voice is full of deep soul mixed with a rolling murmur of a vocal that we just love. She sings about understanding what she has got with this person she’s falling for. It’s one grower of a song and the more we hear it the more we love it.

Feed My Love

“Feed My Love” is a progressive track, with Relley.C sounding absolutely amazing on it; this is our favourite track on the EP, and we’d love it to be the next single – we would also love to see remixes of this track because DJs and the clubs are going to hit this one up. It still has Relley.C’s signature R&B sound whilst mixed with club-dance, grime, and dancehall. She completely nails this with some great vocal riffs and interesting lyrics that will get everyone singing and dancing. It’s impossible to sit still through this song. If another single gets released, it has to be this one, and we can imagine a music video similar to Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop The Music”. Relley.C has been waiting for someone to give her sweet love, but we’ve been waiting for her to drop a song like this. Pure fire!


This is an interesting track, with an interesting title. It starts off with “I can sing a rainbow” which is best known for being sung by Peggy Lee for the 1955 film Pete Kelly’s Blues. Then, Relley.C comes in hard with her first verse giving us power and strength, completely delivering. She gives us a soulful vocal, singing about how she gave this guy the colours of the rainbow. It’s such a solid song that goes to show her versatility and vocal ability.

Priceless (feat. Lady Sanity)

The featured track we’ve been excited to hear; “Priceless” stands out on the EP from the get-go. The backing track is intricate and Relley.C’s vocal is on-point with some deep personal lyrics throughout. This is an uplifting track, where Relley.C sings about how life is ours for the taking and we should go out and get our dreams. This British female artist’s voice is sounding amazing throughout this, and her words certainly inspire every listener. Lady Sanity switches it up with a personal raw rap that adds a whole new level to this song. This track is one you do not want to miss.

Reign (Uncut)

Relley.C slows it down for this song, adding in a main piano chord in the backing track whilst taking us to church with her vocals. It’s a flat-out ballad, full of soul, emotion, and energy. It’s a very real track allowing her to send out strength, not just to herself, but to her listeners too. If there’s one song that makes us tear up, it’s this one because you can hear all she’s been through and all she’s prepared to go through to make music into a successful career; she’s been fighting for so long and she’s ready to keep going because it is her time to shine and because this is what she loves doing.

Overall, this EP just shows why Relley.C deserves a place in the music industry. It’s full of versatility, whilst keeping a mainstream R&B sound. She’s destined for success with the high calibre of these songs, along with the sound which no one else is doing; this EP easily shows off who Relley.C is and we cannot wait to see what the future brings for her.

The “Square One” EP is available to download and stream right now. The artwork is totally stunning, showing off how beautiful Relley.C truly is. Keep your eyes and ears on this British singer-songwriter as she rises up and gives us more amazing music. Considering this is her debut EP, just think what music she’ll be releasing in the future.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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