Relley.C Releases New Single “Tell Me That”

Relley.C is back today with an awesome new song titled “Tell Me That”. This single follows up her debut track “Unruly“, which also has an awesome music video. This new song shows an exciting new route for the Birmingham singer-songwriter, one we can’t wait to hear more of.

She has been focusing on her music career this year, after being a contestant on The X Factor, twice. The first time was in 2013, where she got as far as Judges’ Houses before being eliminated. In 2016, she returned and even made it to the Live Shows, with Sharon Osbourne as her mentor. She finished in tenth place. Fast-forward one year, and Relley.C released her debut single “Unruly“.

Now, she’s ready to follow it up with “Tell Me That”. This track is a complete banger of a tune, and one we expect will be even more popular than her debut. The song has already been played on the radio, most notably BBC WM. The song was produced and co-written by The 1990 Club.

Stream Relley.C’s New Single “Tell Me That” Here:

The song is addicting, to say the least; wouldn’t you agree? It certainly has a very-now upbeat feel to it, allowing Relley.C to truly show off her vocals and emotional lyrics. She manages to send this song right into our hearts, allowing us to believe every single word.

The 1990 Club impresses with the production of the track, giving us a hypnotic R&B vibe mixed with future electronic that is certainly very popular right now. Relley.C will have you singing along by the end of the track. It still has her signature “Unruly” stamp on the track, identifiable with her, only; yet, it shows an impressive growth since her time on The X Factor.

This new tune is one of our favourite releases this week. The single cover is absolutely stunning and definitely displays the club-vibe we hear on the track. We can imagine DJs spinning this into some very hot remixes and sets.

She also released a promotional video for the song on 9 November 2017; where she urged her fans to pre-order the single on iTunes; whilst releasing snippets of the song throughout.

Watch Relley.C’s Promo Video For “Tell Me That” Here:

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