Transviolet Releases “Kaleidoscopes” In Collaboration With Reo Cragun

Bringing alternative pop and taking it to the next level – with a great rap segment – is Transviolet; with their new single “Kaleidoscopes” which features Reo Cragun. They also dropped the music video for the track.

The song was written by the band, whilst the music video was directed by Sarah McTaggart and Chris Scholar. The band has been gaining fans all over the world by supporting well-known acts on their tours. They consist of Sarah McTaggart, Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek, and Jon Garcia. They previously released “New Bohemia“, “LA Love“, and “Night Vision“.

Watch Transviolet’s “Kaleidoscopes” Music Video Featuring Reo Cragun Here:

The music video mainly sees the band going for a picnic with Reo Cragun. There are many comical moments, mainly the members hiding their faces behind the fruit. This whole quirky visual is segmented by kaleidoscopic images that definitely takes us all back to our childhood – who didn’t have a kaleidoscope toy back then? They definitely became a trend way-back-when.

Other scenes include great prolific shots of the band; a cute bicycle scene between Sarah McTaggart and Reo Cragun; and a profile shot between the two singers that sees the frontwoman put a key in her mouth, and the rapper removing a chain from between her teeth – spookily surprising.

As for the song itself, it has the typical Transviolet stamp on it, definitely catchy, yet different from what is mainstream. Transviolet is a transitional wave, ready to make an impact on the world, like no other band. This song deserves much more credit; although, it’ll probably go underrated.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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