Transviolet Releases New Single “Undo”

We have another brilliant new single from rising band Transviolet. “Undo” really shows off the band’s unique sound, Transviolet are definitely paving the way down a whole new route of music and it’s amazing to hear something so new. This song follows up their feature on Jesse Porsches’ song “Know U” and their previous solo single “Bad Intentions“.

Transviolet are a four-piece group consisting of Sarah McTaggart, Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek, and Jon Garcia. They started off strong within the music industry with the release of their self-titled EP which they then followed up with Kaleidoscopes EP. They have just completed their Fall Off The Earth Tour.

According to Spotify, the song was written by Benjamin Greenspan, Jonathan Garcia, Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek, and Sarah McTaggart. “Undo” has been confirmed to be a single from their forthcoming EP, titled Valley, which is set to be released on September 21 – we really cannot wait.

Listen To Transviolet’s New Single “Undo” Here:

The song has Transviolet’s typical unique twisty sound, whilst being angsty and strong. The lyrics cut deep with a tonne of imagery – which would make this perfect for a music video. We hear Sarah McTaggart sing about being her own worst critic and not needing negativity around herself.

As for her voice, it’s just pure perfection – as per usual. She sounds amazing and definitely the reason why Transviolet are popular and will continue to rise as time goes on. The song itself is uniquely catchy and totally puts Transviolet at the forefront of a new musical path that will definitely become popular in time.

“Undo” is available to download and stream right now, through Buskin under BMG. Their third EP is on its way and is titled Valley, which should be released on September 21.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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