Triana Park Releases Brand New Single And Music Video “Home”

One of the most underrated acts from the Eurovision Song Contest 2017; Triana Park is back with a follow-up single titled “Home”. It’s just as infectious as “Line” only they’ve gone more down a pop-ballad emotional path, that has really paid off when it comes to this song.

They are best known for representing Latvia at Eurovision 2017, where they failed to make it through to the Grand Final. Unfortunately, they came last in the first semi-final with just 21 points. They had also previously attempted to represent Latvia in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012; we sure hope they do attempt to return again, especially since this song is pure fire. The band consists of Agnese Rakovska, Arturs Strautinš, Edgars Vilums, and Kristaps Erglis.

The song is officially the second single from their upcoming album, which will be released on 18 April 2018. We’re presuming “Line” is the first single from the said album. The video was directed by Ivars Burtnieks and stars all four members of the group, as well as additional characters.

Watch The Music Video To Triana Park’s New Single “Home” Here:

This song is highly emotional and really shows how far the band has come in terms of new music since their debut on the Eurovision stage, last year, with “Line“. Setting in deep feelings throughout whilst stripping the music back to their roots and building a whole euphoric sound around it; Triana Park full on impresses with the track, and we are completely stunned by Agnese Rakovska’s vocals.

As for the music video, we watch the frontwoman grab some crisps from a shelf at a store and leave without paying for them. She drives off and her self-conscious, we presume, kicks in, in the back of the truck. She pulls over and starts to walk in the snow. She attempts to hitchhike, although no one will give her a lift. She ends up at this house where she looks through a window at a family who are having a great get-together. She clearly wants the love that she sees before her, but it’s just out of reach.

It’s such a beautiful song and a great conceptual music video to accompany it. “Home” is available to download and stream right now, through Krap Records. Don’t forget, their brand new album will be released on 18 April 2018.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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