Tritonal Release Music Video for "Love U Right"

Tritonal Release Music Video for “Love U Right”

Tritonal are STILL steadily building their impressive dance catalogue. If you haven’t heard of Tritonal before, they’re a duo that blends EDM and electro-pop while incorporating indie-inspired visuals. They’ve worked with artists like Cash Cash, The Chainsmokers, Adam Lambert, and more!

Clearly they’re doing something right for all these artists to want to work with them. Their unexpected bass drops are one of the many things that made this duo one of the biggest names at festivals!

For their latest song, “Love U Right,” the duo worked with Lourdiz. The music video for the track is all about happy couple, but there’s a tragic twist. Directed by Peter Hoang, the video opens with a fast-paced goodbye from a long relationship. Throughout the video, viewers are shown all of the wonderful times that the couple had together. And after seeing all of those moments, they leave you wondering, “How did things go wrong?”

With so many positive memories shown, the video tells the story of how love was lost, but can be found again. Honestly, sometimes it’s just miscommunications that lead people to grow apart.

Through the visuals and lyrical content, this video is all about fighting for the people you love, because your fate is uncertain.

Check out the video for “Love U Right,” to see how everything beautifully falls right back into place for the couple:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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