Troye Sivan Releases Final Installment of ‘Blue Neighbourhood’

Troye Sivan’s music video trilogy comes to an end with his new release of ‘Talk Me Down’.

Since September 4th, Troye Sivan has been releasing music videos for his trilogy, ‘Blue Neighbourhood’, including ‘Wild’, ‘Fools’, and now ‘Talk Me Down’.

The three-part video is the story of two lovers; controversially, two boys. ‘Wild’ shows the boys in their youth as they grow up together as best friends, finally realising their love for each other at the end. But ‘Fools’ highlights the problems young boys face from their families when they go through this situation, making it relatable to gay men in the modern day.

Released October 20th, ‘Talk Me Down’ finishes the story of the boys, breaking all hearts in its path. Its opening scene is set in a graveyard at a funeral, which is heart-wrenching enough, and pans over to one of the two lovers crying over a grave. This then goes back to the remembrance of their youth and clips taken from the previous two videos, which breaks our hearts even more.

In case you thought you hadn’t cried enough, his lover then comes over to him in the graveyard and holds him close, looking into his eyes as they had so many times before. So, you think it’s getting better? Then you’re wrong, as he stands at a cliff’s edge.

‘Talk Me Down’ is the first single from Troye’s new album Blue Neighbourhood, so get ready for more tears than you thought possible at a music video when you watch this cinematic design here:

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Written by CelebMix