Truth Behind George Leaving Union J

After the revelation last night that George Shelley is leaving Union J, fans went crazy over what would happen as a result. The return of Triple J caused quite a shock for a majority of fans, but some suspected the exit of George from the band after his success in the jungle.

The exclusive article which announced that George was leaving, also included the fact that the trio would be looking for a new member in the coming weeks and that the break up was down to an ‘ultimatum’ due to George’s lack of commitment. Later on? articles followed branding George’s band mates ‘jealous’ due to his success following I’m A Celebrity.

However, this morning, Josh, Jaymi, JJ and George have all posted individual messages to their fans on Twitter to give an explanation of the sudden divide. In addition to these, the band also posted a statement on their Facebook page to give the true reasons for the split.

The statement from their Facebook page reads as follows:

“Union J – 2016

Moving Forward

In 2012 we started something that has been the centre of our lives ever since, a band and project that is now family to us – Union J.
Through two incredible albums, successful tours and a lot of fun along the way, the four of us have all enjoyed this incredible journey. But with time, comes change and a difference in aspirations.

So, as we prepare to go back into the studio to work on new material, George will not be continuing on this journey with us. George will now be following his own path and career no longer as part of Union J. This is a mutual decision between the four of us, and we will always remain close.
In time we will announce our new plans for 2016 and likewise we will be following George’s career and wish him all the best in his endeavours.
Jaymi, JJ, Josh & George”

It turns out that the choice to continue Union J without George was mutual because of the fact he wants to focus on his ‘broadcasting and acting career’ and the boys are still willing to support him saying they ‘wish him all the best in his endeavours’. So there are no hard feelings between the boys.

We are still waiting for an official press statement on the situation which, according to George, was supposed to go up earlier today.

After two successful albums and tours, we wish both Union J and George great success for their future.

Keep an eye on their social media for more updates:




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