Union J Release Their New Single ‘Paralysed’

Union J – comprising of members Jaymi Hensley and JJ Hamblett – have released new single ‘Paralysed,’ representing their first single as a duo.

The duo made the announcement regarding the release of their new single on their social media accounts. Taking to their official Twitter account, they tweeted the following:

‘Paralysed’ represents a new sound for Union J, inevitably marking the start of a new chapter for the band. The track has a very stipped back nature and truly allows for each member’s vocals to be showcased, both individually and as a unit. With an emphasis on vocals and a piano sound throughout, this is a great track to introduce fans to their upcoming new chapter – which will hopefully see them releasing even more music in the coming months!

‘Baby I don’t wanna be paralysed.’

Union J first burst onto the music scene in 2012, with Josh Cuthbert, George Shelley, JJ Hamblett and Jaymi Hensley comprising the original line-up, with the four boys appearing on ‘The X Factor.’ Following their time on the show, the four-piece went on to achieve immense success, releasing several albums, headlining tours around the UK & Ireland, amid many more achievements.

Fast forward a few years and member George Shelley announced his decision to leave the band, explaining that he wanted to focus on solo ventures. With the band then down to a trio, they recruited Casey Johnson – former member of boy band Stereo Kicks, who appeared on ‘The X Factor’ in 2014. It was announced in April 2017 that Casey Johnson had left the band.

Several months ago, Josh Cuthbert also took to his social media accounts to announce his departure from the band. Fans were unsure as to whether Union J would continue as a duo, however with the release of the new single, it appears that Union J are back, stronger than ever before!

Additionally, the artwork for the new single is poignant and nostalgic, an incredible reflection on some of the band’s many achievements over the years, with previous members being included in the imaging.

If you haven’t already, you can purchase ‘Paralysed’ on iTunes by clicking here. The track can also be streamed on Spotify through the link below and can also be streamed through other responsible music purchasing outlets.

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Written by Rachel Dempster