Tulisa & Akelle are “Sweet Like Chocolate” in their new single and music video

Tulisa is officially back! The Female Boss has been teasing her new single over the last few days; now it’s been released with a “Sweet Like Chocolate” music video.

This former N-Dubz star is focusing on hit singles right now, so it might be a long wait until a whole new album.


This song is a new version of the classic of the same name that hit number one back in 1999 and was originally sung by Shanks & Bigfoot.

The song has simple verses that definitely leads up to a club-like hook right before the amazing chorus comes in.

Compared to her previously released singles, this one falls short. Slightly too sweet, with a slightly new direction for her; however, since she is only focusing on hit singles at the moment, she could be defining her sound.

As per usual, Tulisa provides stunning vocals on this track, and teaming up with Akelle was definitely a good idea.

Akelle, known from the trio WSTRN, add his little rap towards the end of the song, including some harmonising lyrics with Tulisa. The rap adds some texture to the sugary song, and breaks it up a bit.

As for the music video, we watch Tulisa Contostavlos on holiday, once again, having fun with her friends. Looking beautiful, sexy and stylish; it’s great to see Tulisa happy and back on form.

Watch Tulisa’s Sweet Like Chocolate music video here:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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