Twice dazzle in ‘Feel Special’ Music Video

Korea’s pride Twice have entered their latest era with their new comeback ‘Feel Special’ and it is ethereal!

After the incredible FANCY era, which skyrocketed Twice to further global stardom and expanded their fanbase dramatically, it was going to be tough competition for the follow-up comeback but ‘Feel Special’ was the perfect fit.

‘Feel Special’ is lyrically one of Twice’s most heartfelt singles, discussing the feeling of being alone, doubting oneself and having someone, whether its a lover or a friend to be there for you and lift you up from those down moments. The upbeat electropop elements blend together to make a dazzling song fitting of the title.

‘Feel Special’ is also member Mina’s first appearance with the group since revealing her suffering from anxiety, which caused her to miss Twice’s US TWICELIGHTS tour earlier this year. Coming out with a single spreading this message and especially her verse featuring the lyrics ‘I just wanted to hide, didn’t want to face the world’ makes everything so much more deep and personal for the nine girls, especially Mina.

The music video is also some of the most gorgeous visuals seen in KPOP of 2019. From the huge golden glittery palace to the dollhouse palace and diamante room, the music video is one to captivate you and must be rewatched to catch every element of the scenes brought together in the 3-minute video.

‘Feel Special’ is taken from Twice’s 8th mini-album of the same name and is available to stream worldwide on Apple Music and Spotify now. You can watch the music video below and let us know what you think by tweeting the CelebMix account!

Written by Ellie Nicholas

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