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TWICE’s Jihyo Goes Viral For Her “Fancy” Performance

K-pop girl group, TWICE, has been slaying their latest comeback for their single, “Fancy,” released last week on April 22nd from their EP, Fancy You. Being one of the most popular K-pop acts in the world, TWICE has been one of the most highly anticipated artists to make a comeback. Now a week into this new era, the group has been busy performing on Korean music programs to promote their new single. During their recent performance on Mnet’s M Countdown, one member stood out among fans for nailing the song’s choreography, as well as having amazing stage presence: Jihyo.

Jihyo’s maybe group’s leader and main vocalist, but she is also an impressive dancer. On April 25, she took to the M Countdown stage wearing a mini dress and a short, dark hairstyle. Since Mnet released a fancam of each of the TWICE members, fans were able to see the members one-by-one performing the choreography, but Jihyo’s stood out. Like always, she gave 100% of her effort and also showed off her amazing charisma on stage through her facial expressions. At only 22-years old, Jihyo continues to prove that she’s a powerhouse in K-pop. The video on YouTube has surpassed 1.5 million views, but TWICE fans have also shared it on Twitter, where it has reached nearly 3 million views. From watching the fancam, we can say that all of those views are well-deserved!

Catch Jihyo and the other members of TWICE in their music video for “Fancy.”

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Written by Michele Mendez

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