Twilight Turns 10 with Gender Bender

Successful author Stephenie Meyer has reissued her best seller with a twist ! Invited on Good Morning America on Tuedsay, Meyer said that she wanted to do something special for the Twilight anniversary. She said she was inspired by her readers saying that Bella was too much of a “Damsel in detress”, which made her flip the gender of the characters.

In fact, the teenage girl named Bella is now a boy named Beau, and the immortal male vampire Edward is now a female named Edythe. “With few exception, all the characters have changed sex” noted Stephenie. Even Jacob the werewolf has not escaped the transfer, he’s now Julie in the new version. Still a Quileute though ?

“It really the same story” said Meyer “It’s just a love story and it doesn’t matter who’s the boy and who’s the girl, it still works out.” She added “I wanted to make something fun and different. I think it can be really interesting to see how it goes.” 

Asked if She imagined a movie to illustrate the switch, she said “I don’t really see that happenning. And a lot of the people I would put in it would be, like, Grace Kelly, so it’s a little too late for some of my first choices.” The new version, titled “Life and Death” comes packaged in one book alongside the original, which make 400pages. The author added “I don’t think Beau will be the hero of a new serie. I only wanted to see how the story goes with a male point of view.” 

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Written by CelebMix