Twitter Releases One Direction Emojis


How do you promote your album release in 2015? Create your own personalized emojis, obviously – ‘cos that’s exactly what the One Direction boys have done and they are SO CUTE.

For those of you currently living under cosy rocks, tomorrow (13th November) marks the release of 1D’s fifth album Made in the A.M. Even the tech-nerds over at Twitter can’t contain their excitement, as they’ve created special 1D emojis to celebrate the album launch.

To access the emojis all you have to do is tweet specific hashtags and Twitter will add the relevant emoji. There’s #1DHarry, #1DLouis, #1DLiam, #1DNiall, #1D for a group image and #MadeInTheAM for the album logo. See here in all their emoji glory:

Twitter release One Direction emojis 1

They actually look like them in a weird way… Congrats to Twitter on their emoji accuracy (except for the eye colours but we won’t mention that).

Although we wish they could stay forever, sadly the One Direction emojis are only available for a limited time so get on Twitter and start using them NOW.

The only remaining question: will Harry finally break his emoji silence for the greater good of his band mates? Only time will tell.

Written by Emily Gulla

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